The Excitement is Real

So far, 2018 has been an up and downs, as any other year would. I have truly been tested in various ways according to my level of Faith, being focused on what truly matters, and more importantly having inner peace of mind.

Despite all the distractions and noise, there is still room for excitement! You know when you have been waiting so long for something you desire to happen, I want to encourage you to be expectant and patient. What you have been waiting for is on its way. I have learnt to take things one step at a time, focusing on one area of my life to another.

Imagine how content and happy you would become if you just took life step by step? You do not need to look at what other people are doing which makes you question who you really are. You should not be working on people’s clock, but on the Lord’s timing.

There will be moments in our lives where it will seem that nothing is happening, but that is when the Lord is up to something great. I truly believe with all my heart that in your season of silence, you are being pruned, set apart and stretched all for the better. I would say to myself that if I had everything I always wanted in my time, would I truly be able to handle it? I do not think I would, and may take them for granted.

You can’t always demand so much if you have not put in the hard work. This I where humility comes in. It is so vital to consistently cultivate a thankful heart and use what you have to benefit other people. Do not hide your gifts and think nothing good can come out of it. In my recent video ‘In a world of comparison’, I emphasised on our gifts and utilising them to the best of our ability. To encourage the ladies and gentlemen that we are all uniquely created and chosen to do great things without having to compare ourselves with others. Click on the link below: In a World of Comparison

Do be encouraged today that your 2018 will be a great one. We are literally a quarter into the year and it has been a beautiful journey so far. Do not give up on God because He will not give up on you. Stay grounded in the Faith and keep going because your breakthrough is on the way, so enjoy the journey!


Esther Jacob

Author of It’s Time to Heal & Completion.

Unanswered Prayer is God’s Gift


Have you ever asked the question, why doesn’t prayer work? Why at times does it appear that God ignores us when we pray to Him. Many have prayed for God to intervene and solve a problem that they are struggling with, but sometimes God‘s apparent answer is silence. If God answers your prayers He is increasing your Faith, if He doesn’t He is training your patience.

When you hit a certain level of prayers over the same situation and not seeing a change, it will eventually make you step back and ask yourself if it’s going to happen. There are other people who apply for a particular job in their field but don’t receive an update on their application. Sometimes, these unanswered questions are a blessing in disguise. Imagine asking for something that you thought would benefit you, but behind closed doors, it was not the right thing for you.

“Even sweet things can kill” (African Proverb). 

When you take sweets off a child that has eaten 5 packets, they cry, but the child does not know that the mother is protecting their teeth and health. Sometimes, we want all the nice things, but behind it, we don’t know the depth of consequence it will provide. Look back over your life today, and ask yourself what sort of expectations you planned to achieve, and write the ones you received and the ones you didn’t. Compare them and see which expectations were met the most. 2016 has been such a blessing; there are things I did not even put effort in that I received, and this is not to say I am perfect, because I am not. It’s just that my Faith at the time was being tested and had to show God that I really trusted Him to see me through, and He really did show up.

What are you asking for today? A new job? A business opportunity? A new level of Peace? A long-term relationship? To maintain family unity? To be a missionary? These are great blessings, but what do you do when you do not see it come to fruition? Do you give up? Do you throw in the towel? Yes, I know how it feels, do not misunderstand me, but have you come to realise that God could be testing your motives behind it all What about your patience? How do you handle rejection when you have failed continuously? In other words, why not make rejection teach you a lesson to aim higher and divert your original plans to something more effective? The rejection you receive today should not be repeated tomorrow if you really want to see a change in your life. You would make an intentional decision to renew your mind, reflect and ponder on what you want to do.

So this is the structure that I usually take and would like to share it with you:

  • PLAN – What decisions have you made today in planning a better tomorrow?
  • PACE – How quick are you determined to meet your plans to make it come to reality?
  • POSITION – Your mindset and character should be positioned in a positive mode where you are able to see yourself at where you desire to be.

When you plan your goals whether personal or professional, you are more likely to run with the vision and set yourself in a high league where you can attain them. But, if the goals do not come to pass, you plan something else, and see if that works, (maybe trial and error). I would rather work hard and fail to know that I tried to attempt something than to think about the vision and not do anything about it, because at least I can say I’ve learnt from my mistakes. It is not enough to say you are you’re striving to achieve anything because you remember the times you’ve failed. That is not breaking out of your comfort zone, and at times this could be one of the reasons why our goals are not being met. We are far too comfortable with what we have, that we build our bed there and stay because we are afraid to branch out of our comfort.

Apply this in your workplace today; some employees do not feel motivated enough to go to work, some go to make money and pay bills, others go to develop their career and others for promotion. Regardless of your motive, how do you handle the workload in your position? If you want that promotion in your job, how do you handle people also? Are you not aware that people are watching you knowingly and unknowingly? It would feel unfair for someone who started off as an Entry Level Marketing Analyst and promoted to a Senior Marketing Analyst in 6 months, whilst someone who has been in the company for 3 years+ is still in the same position of an Entry Level Marketing Analyst. What do you think the person who was promoted to a senior role did with their time? I would assume self-encouragement and motivation, persistence and hard work that initiated the promotion.

We want the promotion, the title, the name, but are not willing to put in the effort. The way I see it, what you put in is what you will get out. It is a waste of time envying someone else’s progress. All the energy you used to do this could have been used to invest in yourself and become better, but instead, you chose to allow your feelings to control you and make you bitter.  So when you see your goals not being met, know that it is God working on your patience, your heart, and your attitude towards rejection. How you handle someone else’s success will determine how your own success will look like. If you are not happy for people when they are going up, don’t expect others to be happy for you.

In other words, if you are not willing to put in the effort now to work towards your goals, don’t assume that God will just drop everything your way and allow Him to pick up the pieces. He wants to see your input and effort to use that as proof that you are trusting Him. God’s Word tell us that working hard, but with faith in mind, can lead to great things he has planned for us. So imagine all the blessings He has lined up for us if we work hard. But please be reminded that in as much effort that you put into something, the result won’t always be what you expected. I am speaking from experience because I know of a time where I studied, researched, and spent hours on one application just to receive an email after 4 weeks saying ‘Unfortunately, we cannot take you on’. You wouldn’t believe the effort I put in, relative to an application I made a while back and received good feedback within 5 weeks.

Regardless of how the process takes, work at it with all your heart knowing and believing that something good will come your way. If you really think about it, when our prayers are met, we are very ecstatic, but how about being more determined when our prayers aren’t met. How do you handle that? When I was in a season of not working, I honestly did not see anything exciting in that, but instead of me wallowing in self-pity, I chose to make the most with my time and write a book: ‘It’s Time to Heal’ on Amazon and create a YouTube channel: ‘Esther N J’.

In our times of silence and uncertainty, that is the opportunity for us to use our free time wisely. This is not to sulk or become hard-hearted. It is a time where we must understand that what we already have, we can manage it and turn it around for our good. I used the money I saved to buy a car to invest in my book and my Canon camera whilst I was not working. I chose to do something useful with my time because as the saying goes ‘nobody knows tomorrow’.

I’ll give you four reasons as to why our prayers aren’t always answered:

  1. Gods time is not our time.
  2. Unrepentant sin is hardening our relationship with the Lord (Psalm 19:12).
  3. We are not asking in Faith (James 1:6-8).
  4. Our prayers may not be according to the Lords Will.


God has a plan for us because we are so special in His eyes. What we are asking the Lord to do may not be in accordance with His plan or purpose. If that is the case, He is not going to do what we ask; scriptures related to this can be found in 1 John 5:14-15, Matthew 6:10 and John 15:7. When your goals aren’t being met, see it as a blessing because God won’t give you anything you cannot handle. What you could be asking for could be heavier than what you expect. Don’t take what you ask for lightly. Understand why you want what you desire, not just for publicity and status.

He will always give your needs, not your want. God’s timetable is not the same as ours. He knows better than we do and when is the best time for our prayers to be answered. (Hebrews 6 :13-15). God is eternal and does not measure time as we do. 2 Peter 3:8: “Beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Ultimately, if we have faith and sincerely trust God, we will not be concerned as to whether the answer is “YES”, “NO” or “WAIT.” We must trust, wait to see if God in His timing will see fit to answer as we have requested, or perhaps He has something better in mind for us, I guarantee it! 🙂 There is beauty in unanswered prayers.

“Trust in and rely confidently on the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight or understanding (6) in all your ways know and acknowledge and recognise Him, and He will make your paths straight and smooth [removing obstacles that block your way]”. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 AMP).


He took my mess and gave it PURPOSE!

Mess 1

What current mess are you in that you feel God cannot deliver you from? Remember that your MESS is actually a MESSAGE to so many people out there. We all have a story; we all have a voice, and we must take the opportunity to inform others so that they too can receive their breakthrough. Sometimes, when I look back over my life and I think about all the pain I’ve caused my Father including those around me, it makes me wonder how God could love a woman like me. I really do not understand His love but I came to realise that man’s love is based on conditions, but God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL! Yes, man will look on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7)

No matter what you are going through, God has got you. It is hard to understand now because there are so many walls of guilt, distraction, and fear, but you must understand that rising above these struggles will give your life PURPOSE. You are not any less than your neighbour. We are all equal in the eyes of God, after all, He shows no favoritism (Romans 2:11). Our mess should be a magnet that automatically draws us to the Father when we have done wrong. Our habits today is to usually go to the phone, or call your best friend, or consult our partners. But when was the last time you went to the Throne? The secret place of the Most High? The private position where we surrender everything and withhold nothing? Or does this only happen when we are attacked?

It is very easy to praise God when everything is going the way we want it to be, but how about when you’ve lost your job, or your best friend is bitter towards you, or you have a dysfunctional family, are you still able to stand strong and endure the pain? If you are the woman who can stand strong during trials, you have a unique purpose and the world needs to hear it. There are so many of us today that are still feeling guilty! Even for people who have passed away, or those who are in another country. Yes, the person has hurt you, but why still hold on to the past and keep developing negative thoughts about it? On the other hand, you feel so terrible hurting your loved one, maybe you cheated, but why should you allow the guilt to eat up your Spirit? Ask yourself if that is healthy, and see the result.

Some have committed suicide due to the pressure of the world and low self-esteem. They do not feel worthy or loved enough so they decided to evacuate the journey of life. Yes, one can say why do people do that, but do these people have a relationship with Father? Better off, do people see Christ in you where they can be comforted and set free? It seriously is not enough to wear a Cross on your neck. One must be the true Child of the Most High through building strong relationships and helping a weak sister in the Faith. This is not the time to be pointing fingers or blaming people for their faults. I am sure if you look back over your life, you will see the mistakes made and want to make changes to it. Even if it may take a strong conviction such as looking back on your own life to stop judging people, then I believe it is definitely worth it.

We are living in a society today where relationships are based on competition, performance and gifts, not realising that building intimacy, transparency, and selflessness are key traits in any partnership. Sometimes, it takes a humble mind to say “Hey friend, I just want to say that I am really sorry for the way I treated you last week, I hope you can forgive me”. If we all had this humble character, wonder what the world would be like! Friendship should not be based on what one has done for the other, but should be based on LOVE because this is the First and GREATEST commandment. We ought to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Surely if you can love yourself, you can also love others; at the same time, when we make mistakes, we too can forgive those around us that makes mistakes. We are nowhere near perfect, but His love is what sets us free and gives us purpose!

All the things that have been holding you bound will be your greatest testimony! It will not just set you free, but set those around you free! You will see that your mess serves a high purpose and should not be hidden because of guilt or shame. God takes our guilt and shame to set others free. Your mess is not meant for you alone.

Remember that God is turning your mess into a message, you are not alone at all. Never assume that you can never be forgiven because that is not true. It says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and Pray, and seek my Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sin and HEAL their land”. This text is so rich yet straightforward. The key words here are “humble”, “pray”, “forgive”, and “heal”. When combined:

  1. HUMBLE – is accepting your fault and being sincere about what happened without trying to cover it up
  2. PRAY – is being able to communicate with the Father and ask for His Grace and Mercy despite the obstacles
  3. FORGIVE – is not holding a grudge on people who have offended you but being able to see them the way God does
  4. HEAL – is asking the Father to soothe any anger in your heart, allowing Him to minister to your Spirit so that the heavy burden can be lifted off

The lyrics of a song I really like goes like this:


The person that composed this song can relate to the times where he or she must have committed so many faults and thought that Gods Grace and Mercy was over, not knowing that God was cleaning the person from the inside out. There is nothing that can stop God’s love for you. If you think what you have done is so bad that you cannot be free, I guarantee that you are looking at your life with your natural eyes. Look to the Father, and see how His love will melt all your pain away. It will turn your story around for your good. His love is what enables you to keep going in life, so why stop? You have a PURPOSE TO FULFIL! 


Private Pain

Pain 3

Hey ladies I hope you are well? Today I will be talking about the subject ‘Private Pain’. A lot of us today are seriously struggling with hidden battles that we just smile to cover it up, for fear that people will laugh at us or even put us down. When I studied the TD Jakes book on Destiny; Stepping into Your Purpose, this is what he said:

  • Take courage and figure out who you truly are.
  • Find the courage to walk through the rubble of broken relationships when you lose friends or suffer betrayal as you climb Destiny’s ladder.
  • There is a private pain you must endure as people you loved, trusted, or admired turn against you in envy. 
  • It hurts to be criticized when you are trying your best.
  • It stings deeply when you discover the insincerity of those you thought loved you; they only loved what you could do for them.
  • They just can’t stand the thought of you getting what you want out of life. But you cannot go through the Door of Destiny without passing through the Hall of Haters

As we operate in our day-to-day lives, same routine; wake up, spend time with God, eat breakfast, get ready for work, come home, eat, watch TV, rest, pray and sleep; we must also realise that in between some of our schedules our minds can start to play up. We must be aware ladies that our minds are the weakest part of our body and it is our sole responsibility to ensure that we are feeding it with positive words and thoughts. When we always try to struggle and fight our battles on our own, at times it can turn to bitterness towards others and create a negative comparative sequence that we will never amount to anything, not realizing that the person you are envious of had their own personal struggles too.

Pain 6

Your private pain is something that can push you to get to the next level. You can use your struggles and rejections to re-direct your steps into a higher calling because the pain you experienced before was just too much to handle. Whether it is coming out of your comfort zone to work in ministry, being made redundant and struggling to find another job, building up on your credit scores; all these things won’t happen overnight. It takes concentration, commitment and more importantly DISCIPLINE! I told a friend of mine a few weeks ago that I don’t believe anyone has received what they demanded in their own time; they had to push themselves to work hard so that the results will speak for them. It is not about God always answering your prayers and then you remember to thank Him; sometimes you have to thank Him even when He says no, even when your personal business is exposed, even when it feels like you are not achieving anything in life, learn to say THANK YOU GOD because you do not know what He is protecting you from. What you think is right for you, won’t always be right in the eyes of our Father.

It is so easy to thank God when all your prayers are being answered, but it does not separate us from those who praise God despite their pain. Where is your Faith gone? Should we go back to basics? “Without Faith, it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6). Our Faith is what enables us to get our breakthrough. Today I was studying Matthew 15:21-39 and it was based on The Faith of a Canaanite Woman. The woman was very down in spirit and was speaking to Jesus regarding her daughter who was severely oppressed by a demon. However, Jesus did not say a word to her. The disciples then came and said “Send her away for she is crying out after us”. The woman knelt down before Jesus and said “Lord, help me”. Jesus said  “(26) It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs”. She said “Yes Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table”. Then Jesus answered her “Oh woman, great is your Faith! Be it done for you as you desire”. And her daughter was healed INSTANTLY.

Pain 7

Ladies, this ain’t me speaking, this is JESUS speaking! The woman’s Faith was so strong in Christ that her daughter was healed instantly! A miraculous immediate supernatural shift that occurred. This was the woman’s personal pain and she got her breakthrough. Now I may not know what you may be going through, but what I have come to realise is that our personal pain is a contributing factor towards our Destiny. What you and I have been through is not to make us weak in the Faith or give up, but it is to help someone out there who is struggling in with life’s battles. If you have a friend that constantly feels that there is nothing life has to offer, please share your burdens with that person. There is power in sharing your personal pain with good people who you trust and can push you to the next level. Do not get me wrong, it is NOT everyone you need to tell your business to, but someone who you can confide in, someone who won’t judge but help you be the best YOU! This woman’s mind was not even focused on the disciples opinions of her, she just needed that breakthrough regarding her daughter’s state. When you come to a realization point that you don’t even care what people think about you, you are near the point of TRUE FREEDOM!

Pain 5

Our painful situations are actually a gift because without it we would not know when we needed medical attention. For example children would never learn that touching a hot stove is a bad idea. Spiritually speaking, one of the benefits of pain is expressed in James 1:2-3 where it says “Count it all joy, my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds, (3) for you know that the testing of your Faith produces steadfastness”. According to James, when we endure painful trials, we can take joy in knowing that God is at work in us to produce endurance and Christ-like character. This applies to mental, emotional and spiritual pain as well as to physical pain.

To add-on that:

  • Your pain may be mental, so what do you need to start doing to ease the pain? – Renew your mind!
  • Your pain may be emotions/feelings, so what do you need to start doing to ease the pain? – Renew your mind!
  • Your pain may be physical, so what do you need to start doing to ease the pain? – Renew your mind! 

You ask how can I do that, it is very easy. You should be aware that putting your fingers on a hot stove is bad right? So your instincts will tell you not to do so. From a painful perspective, you know that getting all wrapped up in your emotions will prevent you from getting your breakthrough. What do you do? You renew your mind BY THE WORD OF GOD! Not just by His Word but also in PRAYER. You cannot wish your way out of pain, you have to show God that you trust Him 100% even when your plans are not working according to the way you wanted it. We won’t always get everything we want ladies especially at the time we want it. It takes determination, persistence and hard work! 

Pain 4

One my 25th birthday a dear friend of mine bought me an amazing gift with the words on it that says:


This is so powerful!! Ladies, we all have dreams, we all have goals and we all have aspirations! We cannot afford to let our personal pain get in the way of our Destiny. There has to be consistent positive steps to reach our Destiny. It starts through the elevation of our mind. Your dreams are what enables you to further reach where you are going, but hard work and dedication has to be put into it. Whatever you desire to be, never give up on it, even when things are not working out for you. We will have good days and bad days, but even in our bad days, we can always look back and say I have learnt something important. In other words, never be ashamed of where you are now because no condition is permanent.

Pain 2

The path you travel to Destiny can create as much excitement and drama, so you need courage to keep a level head and STICK WITH YOUR STRATEGY, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK BY SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. Remember in all things ladies, when attacks come, remain CALM! Instead bind up the pain and keep it moving. Glance back and cry for a bit, but you don’t have a lot of time for ‘whys’. God owes you no explanation for allowing painful circumstances; God has only promised to be with us and provide comfort during those times. And ladies, may I tell you, GOD IS A REAL AND TRUE COMFORTER! He really knows how to comfort and protect His Queens. So if you have not experienced His comfort before, I suggest you ask Him. Rest in the assurance that God has got you. Even friends that laugh behind your back about your situation, learn not to question God and ask why, because your ‘why’ will be that you’ve become someone else. You’ve grown and expanded. Your thoughts, actions, needs and desires now frighten stymied people, so they try to trip you up as you rise. Don’t get distracted by them. Don’t spend time wondering “Why is she doing this to me?” or “Why haven’t I received my breakthrough yet?” Summon the courage within yourself to live the life you desire.


It takes courage to let go of limiting people, even when they hurt you and get in the way of your Destiny. You need courage to admit that not everyone is going to be for you. So you must keep it moving and let such relationships go. It’s nothing to do with them, it’s just that your Destiny is too important for you to give up on anything. When you can confidently let go of the people you thought were for you, that is when your pain starts becoming lighter. You do not want to waste time opening up to people who won’t care or lift you up. You need real authentic sisters that can cry with you when you cry, and rejoice with you when you rejoice. As I say, you will know your true friends when you are in trouble!

Moral of today’s lesson is to understand and take joy in the pain you encounter. Some are struggling more than others, but it does NOT dictate the absence of God in your storm. You will make it because you are more than conquerors! Start speaking LIFE INTO EVERY SITUATION and never stop doing so until you see change! Queens, don’t EVER limit yourself to where you are now to where you are going. Where you are now is only preparing you for where God is taking you to. Don’t give up on God and on your dreams. Don’t give in to self-pity, stress and anxiety. Learn to free your mind, spirit and soul from the attacks of the enemy. Be FREE! Your personal pain serves a high purpose.

Love you all richly!

Blessing x

Pain 1

Do Not Give Up!

DON’T BLOW IT! Okay, so you feel you have been waiting long enough. Too long in fact. Other people did not have to go through all you did to get what they have. Now you are feeling frustrated and you are about to speak against God, against the promise. Hopelessness sets in and is about to give birth to unbelief.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! God may not be speaking to you about the door He has opened for you. He may not speak to you about the favour you are about to walk into… Ruth in the Bible did not know that Boaz noticed her or was thinking of her. But she continued to be faithful to Naomi and at the work committed to her. At any time she could have let go and given up. Even when she stayed, she could have been disgruntled about where she was, however, she did not let Naomi’s bitterness get to her. There is something about the ‘right attitude’ that positions you for your next level.

Now back to you! The vision may tarry! Trust me I know, but do not make your season last longer by complaining. Ask the generation of the children of Israel that came out of Egypt! The wrong attitude prolonged their transition process and costed them the promise land. Scripture says we should be imitators of those who through FAITH AND PATIENCE inherited the promise.

This is a word for somebody! God is not done with you. Your best days are not behind you, they are AHEAD OF YOU! But you are only going to get it by trusting God! Keeping His Word! Knowing that He that promised will surely bring it to pass! He’s not a man who He should lie!

The right attitude positions you to hear instruction that will set you up!! Do not give up! Do not trade the promise in! Ask God to help your unbelief! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray so you can build up your most holy faith! Because it’s BY FAITH THAT WE OBTAIN!!!!

 Do not give up