The Fear of Stepping Out


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog and happy new month to you all! I am so privileged and humbled to know that we are near the ending of the year! It has indeed been a rocky year, but thank God for His Faithfulness! Today, I want to be speaking from the topic of; stepping out of your fears. Fear can attack us in so many ways; physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally. How many of us have truly been scared about something? Scared of failing your exam? Scared of being pregnant? Scared of losing a loved one? It is honestly mind-blowing!

I recall 2 Timothy 1:7 which states “For God gave us a spirit NOT of fear but of power and love and self-control”. When we can develop power, love and self-control, fear will eventually lose its grip on us. The majority of women today feel the need to over-pamper themselves and look down on others just to make themselves feel good. Should we really be doing that? How does it look in God’s eyes? Is he happy with our hearts and motives? The majority of the time, fear speaks in so many volumes. We hurt our loved ones through our actions i.e. body language. Some of us are finding it very hard to confide in a friend that triggered our feelings whether recently or currently. Bare in mind that not everyone will know you are offended if you don’t open up. You cannot expect people to read your mind every time you have a problem. Now I am not saying you should change for someone to like you, but WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WORTH, THE RIGHT PEOPLE WILL COME TO YOU! 

Fear is an ingredient that the enemy uses against us when we are strong in the Lord. When God is on your side, the enemy will always try to place fear in your heart; maybe a past friend hurt you and you are finding it hard to forgive. Fear can come up and whisper “Don’t forget what that girl did to you”. “She does not deserve to go unpunished”. When we get these thoughts in our heads, we must learn cast them out straight away. Remember His word says “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). The one who fears is not made perfect in love. No one is perfect, and God knows this. That is why He has liberally sprinkled encouragement against fear throughout the Bible. The beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis and continuing throughout the book of Revelation, God reminds us to “fear not.” When you truly love someone, you would be careful not to trigger their feelings, or to act in a way that would make them feel unworthy.

I am at a stage whereby I’m learning to step out of my comfort zone and be transparent. Stepping out of your fear won’t be easy and comfortable, but I can surely guarantee that you shall come out greater than you expected. So I ask you today, what are you afraid of? what is holding you back? What is stopping the love in your heart from pouring out to others? Do not allow the world’s definition of life to determine who you are. Whether you have the latest possessions or not, it shouldn’t make you any less than who you are! God Himself dislikes it when we are fearful. Why? Because it brings us down and makes us COMPLACENT! I never knew what that word meant until God dropped it down into my Spirit. Complacency is a ‘feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger or defect’.

From a Biblical perspective, ‘complacency is a self-satisfied state of negligence or carelessness, especially in relation to one’s personal situation’. Complacency can happen in so many forms such as being stagnant in one position. You have what it takes to reach the next level, but you prefer to stay where you are because it is comfortable to you. Complacency grows out of a false security that creates a lukewarm faith. So for example, you know deep in your heart that you desire to be healed in your body, but you are not making the effort to take your medicine or even pray; you want people to lay hands on you. There will be times in your life that you must anoint your own head and pray for yourself. Don’t always expect people to understand you especially in your vulnerability.

There is so much fear that is attacking our youths especially; in dressing, in technology, in hairstyles, in statistical views and likes etc. You would be surprised at the amount of boys and girls that compete with one another, but deep down fear has caused it all to germinate. No-one is born in fear, it is what one chooses to believe about himself or herself that will define them. Now I know when it comes to something your familiar at doing, for example applying make-up, it is a skill that you have developed and won’t fear because you know how to apply it, but when it comes to doing something you are not familiar with, that is when it becomes a problem because you are not used to that environment. Learn to REDUCE YOUR FEARS AND INCREASE YOUR FAITH!

Make a decision today to step out of your comfort zone and choose to say NO to fear. Coming out of your comfort zone is not a one day job, it is a process. It will honestly take time and patience, but it will all work out for your good. Do not allow anybody to intimidate you into doing something your heart is telling you not to. We all have a discerning Spirit to know right from wrong. Maybe you have cancer and you feel that it is the end of your life. If I was you, tell cancer to bow at the Name of Jesus! Don’t give in to that fear because God is your healer! You are never alone precious one, no matter what you are facing! Have it written on your heart that God will always be for You! He is never against you! What hurts you hurts Him, so if you are feeling scared about something, imagine how He is feeling about it?

Sometimes our greatest fear as Christians is stepping out with the Gospel. We tend to not know how to reach people because we don’t want it to look as if we are ‘Bible-bashing’ them. The first step you could take is to speak with your Father and ask Him to you use to be a blessing. For me, I usually share the gospel with this ministry blog as well as my actions and behavior towards people. Others, they say it with the words “Jesus loves You”. I know some find it hard to mention Jesus for fear of being laughed at or looked down upon, but when I told this young girl a few weeks ago that Jesus loves her, she was properly smiling, and since then I haven’t found it hard expressing Jesus’ love to people.

God will always grant us the opportunity to share His love with others, that is if we are willing to be used. “The day you hear His voice, harden not your hearts” (Hebrews 3:8,15)It is expressed TWICE in this scripture. It is a command that we do not ignore what God is saying to us, especially at our moment of vulnerability. When you choose to come out of your shell, God will expose you to great and mighty things that You haven’t seen yet. Why? Because you have chosen to overcome your fears. Stepping out in fear is a journey. Even those who have made it still have fears. We all have an element of fear in us and this is why Jesus can relate to us even when we are tempted because He too was tempted.

It helps me to know that when I have a problem with fear, I can easily go into my secret place and just cry out to God. I used to hold my fears in, but I realised that the more I hold it in, the bigger it becomes. Don’t be afraid or worried about tomorrow, because everyday has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6:34). Remember that the fear of the Lord brings with many blessings and benefits. It is the beginning of wisdom and leads to good understanding (Psalms 111:10). 

Once we learn to place our trust in God, we will no longer be afraid of the things that come against us. We will be like the Psalmist who said with confidence “Let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you” (Psalms 5:11). This is indeed a reminder for us all to not only take refuge but to LOVE GOD WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND BE FAITHFUL TO HIM. The more we love Him, the less fear we will have about life and the things situated around us. The more we love others, the less we will have time to talk down upon ourselves. Whether you are feeling good or not, make it a decision to cheer someone else up. You would be surprised at how your life will change for the better because you are choosing not to allow your feelings to rule your mood.

Ladies, I really hope this message blessed you. Please share with a sister, friend or loved one.

Yours Truly,