July 2021 – The ‘seventh’ month of the year

July is the month of Completion and Perfection

We are now half way into 2021; what has been your deepest lessons learnt so far? What has January up to July taught you? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what is happening around us, locally and globally. At times, what we used to love and have a passion for can slowly start to fade away, but why all of a sudden? Because of a temporary situation?

Let’s be sincere now; the pandemic has hit everyone; both the good and bad, the rich and poor; no matter where you are in the world; the pandemic has and will always teach us a lesson. This definitely is a test; a test to see how many of us can persevere through the trials and tribulations of life. When the storms rage and what you planned doesn’t seem to fall in place, how you pick yourself up matters. It’s the consistency that we need to see.

For this reason; I’ve entitled this blog post ‘The seventh month of the year.’ The number 7 represents completion and perfection. No matter what it looks like right now in your life, you must declare that everything you desire to accomplish during the month of July will come to pass. Enough of the complaining; it does not get you far, but only blocks where you are going.

When big corporations, small kiosks, peoples lives and ultimately the health of some have deteriorated, there are many who will read this blog post and not only be thankful for their lives, but is determined to make an impact with what they have. You think you need more resources? Look within yourself. You think you need other corporations to validate your business? Look within yourself. When you work on yourself, the right people will find you and add value. It’s always about being s-t-r-a-t-e-g-i-c! What is your strategy for the month of July?

Is it to complain until you get your way through? Is it to constantly wonder when the breakthrough will come? Have you taken a leap of faith to do something different, or are you expecting everything to come to you with ease? We must do more with what we have, as well as take rest, of course.

Let this short, brief inspirational post be a wake-up call to you. Your now is greater than what is to come, because anything you start now will contribute positively to your tomorrow. Let July be the month of completion and perfection and may every desire you aim to fulfil this month be done. Be encouraged; your season will change and all you have lost will come back!

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.


After reading a lady’s testimony on Easter weekend, I was inspired, yet challenged to look deep within myself and analyse the gifts that I have within. It prompted me to do this video to remind someone out there that their gifts will make room for them if they use it wisely. 

Stop sitting on your gifts. You don’t know how many people are being encouraged by what you do. Not everyone will be your audience. Find your target market and work with what you have. Stop thinking so low of yourself. Jesus did not create you to stay low. Know who you are and never compromise. Take your time in building a legacy; it’s not about quantity of fans, but the quality of people you invest and inspire. What are you hiding? 

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