In order to have a beloved community, we must have a common unity – TD Jakes 

We can’t lead until we learn how to serve. The most important gift you can give to another person is the ability to serve them and endeavour to meet their expectations; although, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your mind and well-being. As you are here reading this blogpost, I want to ask you: what kind of unity are you bringing in your own community? What problems are you endeavouring to solve?

Yes, you have identified the problem, but have you come up with an effective solution? Are we still using the same techniques and expecting different results, whilst being frustrated when we don’t see change? The question to consider going forwards is: “how is my heart’s posture?”. Despite all that happened in 2020, we are still on lockdown, however, it does not mean we ought to lock our hearts or feel immune to other people. Yes, we all have needs, but there are people around that may have difficult needs than you.

We need to endeavour to be in a position where unity is utilised, practised and seen on a daily basis. Yes, we go through our personal and to some extent, professional struggles, yet, they aren’t meant to keep us bound. We use what we go through to lift the other person up. Companies, corporations, businesses, schools, the social system, the healthcare system; all these have severe issues that we may or may not see, but what is their common goal? Unity and consistency. They never stop! I want to tell you something; the only person that is stopping you from achieving greatness isn’t Covid-19, its not another lockdown, its not losing your job; it is you.

You need to start looking within and ask yourself: “what can I do with what I currently have?” “how can I change my mindset around to make a difference in my own community, starting with one person at a time. Until we can answer these questions, we will always feel stuck in our minds and assume the battle is heavy. Remember that unity is already in you; it takes a positive mindset to desire to share it with others because, in order to have a beloved community, we MUST have a common unity.

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It is easy to feel confused and eventually want to entertain the thoughts of your emotions. It is not wrong to have thoughts, questions and concerns, but in times of uncertainty, how much can you actually control? When you are lost for words and don’t know which way to turn, what is your ultimate solution? Is it to cry? Sleep? Resist speaking to everyone around you? Become bitter? What is the essence? It’s as if when each day comes, there is so much tension and rivalry. But why do we allow this to happen? Why do we become so loyal to pain and neglect peace?

I want to remind you today that the days we are living in are monitored. We are in a very critical season that requires heaps of prayer, teamwork, forgiveness, love and patience. Our hearts must be kept secure and firm to avoid burning out. We must not stop doing good, regardless of how we feel or not. We must not stop intervening for those less fortunate than us. We must keep our hope in times of uncertainty. I remember starting off the year and currently, I am still finding ways to motivate, inspire and support individuals in their professional and personal endeavours through storytelling and book writing. I am very happy with the progress it is making in the lives of others. This is what community is about.

Do not allow life’s uncertainties to change who you are or what you do. Be true and integral to yourself and have a servitude heart and spirit. 2021 is the year to wake up and do something with your life, despite the pandemic. Covid-19 is not an excuse to be complement. You have so much to give and it is up to you to take responsibility and work with what you have. Keep your hope in times of uncertainty for it will surely pay off. I am also running a free online event on Saturday 30th January about Authentic Worth Publishing and can register on this link. If you have a story to share and want more information on how we work, register your interest and meet like-minded people who are determined to make an impact no matter what comes their way.

Let 2021 be your year of hope, not quitting on your dream, but knowing that we are the only people that can restrict ourselves. Be positive, be hopeful, be faithful, and more importantly, be authentic.




Wow, are we already in the 5th month of 2019?! Where has all the time gone?


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