When faced with calamity, where do we turn to? Who do we want to blame for all this? On behalf of Authentic Worth, we want to deeply express how grateful and thankful we are for all our attendees that came to the Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development Workshop on Saturday 14th March 2020. To our amazing guest speakers, Des Amey and Nkechi, your transparency was profound and we appreciate you both. To Wendy, thank you for sponsoring Authentic Worth with your cupcakes!

If you know how thankful I am; it is an understatement!!!!!! Had I have done the workshop on Saturday 21st March, it would have probably been postponed or cancelled and I wouldn’t know how long for! The Covid-19 pandemic became so severe just after the workshop happened. I believe from Monday 16th March, that was when the news spread so vastly on the Internet. I remember planning this workshop since December 2019 and I said that it WILL happen!! Thankfully, it came to pass! #thepowerofapositivemindset

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My latest video talks about what we can learn from Covid-19. It is easy to panic, worry, stress and feel nervous in such a testing time, however, I believe for every trauma, there is a way out. We must learn to be positive and endure this season, because, it is a season and WILL pass! My question to you is: what are you going to take away from this and how can you be better in a world full of uncertainty? This is the time to stand together as one, in unity and work with what we have in our hands.

Ultimately, we have to be reminded that our lives are not our own because we belong to God. There is no need blaming different countries, because every country has their own flaw. There is no perfect country; neither is there any perfect individual. Trials and tribulations WILL come, there is no doubt about that! God is NOT the problem to Covid-19. He knows when to put an end to it. In the meantime, listen to the video, be inspired, challenged and willing to bring something different to your society. Together, we WILL beat Covid-19!

Esther Jacob

Founder of Authentic Worth

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