It has been an honour being able to interview two profound women who has contributed to the writing of Confident Face as they transparently share their individual stories of their journey into their skincare routines. We have decided not to wear any make-up in the video to remind you that you are more than external products. It is important that as young and mature women, we get to a stage where we are comfortable talking about the areas that once made us feel hidden and insecure, to being bold enough to own who you are and want to pass on the mantle to others that desire change in their lives.

For this reason, we encourage you to listen, take notes and share this video with your loved ones to inspire them to be their own Confident Face and refuse to gravitate to the standards that society places on them. We believe you will be inspired by our video and book project; let us know your contributions in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

Disclaimer: The products specified in this video isn’t for offering recommendations; it will be used at the buyer’s own discretion.

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Abundant Progress – Maximising the gradual steps of the journey📚

It has taken intense focus, determination and vision to write and publish my sixth book! Abundance has no choice but to locate YOU!

Abundant Progress short synopsis – Abundance is vast. Progress is gradual. Put them together and it will take you on a journey. Abundant Progress is the ability to achieve greatness with the impact on progress being steady. Dedicated to the reader that is intentional about the essence of life and the valuable lessons learnt along the way, Abundant Progress brings awareness that challenges are inevitable as it increases tenacity and a growth-mindset that’s able to pivot and discover the hidden greatness within. 

The reader will learn how to embrace and welcome steady seasons of growth and understand the importance of being expectantly positioned mentally for expansion and not to remain complacent. Living an abundant life requires working on your inner-character to build an asset-mindset. Be confident that abundant progress starts in you whilst embracing the gradual steps of the journey. 

I am grateful for everyone that has stood and continue to stand with Authentic Worth Publishing that words aren’t enough to express what this book represents for you as the reader. 

Every word written in this book is dedicated for you, your progress, your development, your tenacity, your mindset to shift and ultimately to enjoy the journey that each day is teaching you.

Signed copies of Abundant Progress for paperback and hardcover are now available on the Authentic Worth website!

The book launch will follow shortly. Stay tuned for the details!

Join London Writer’s Cafe and Authentic Worth for our in-person event on book writing and publishing on Wednesday 13th April 2022 at 6.30pm!

Welcome to the month of April!!

In collaboration with London Writers’​ Cafe, the company will be holding an in-person live Q&A session with Authentic Worth Publishing to speak on the Founders experiences about book writing for aspiring authors who are passionate about building their confidence in publishing their books with Authentic Worth. If you’re looking for a book publisher and desiring to become an author, don’t miss out on this event held on Wednesday 13th April at 6.30pm.

The event will take on the philosophy on writing for those who are seeking further guidance on the route of publishing and the benefits of having more control over their work.

Alongside coaching and mentoring, Authentic Worth helps aspiring authors throughout the book writing process by giving valuable tips on how to be more resilient and confident in writing phase. There will be opportunities to ask questions about the entire process of writing and finding your voice as an author.

Tickets are going quickly so ensure you register to save your space. For further information on how to register, click on the link here: We’ll see you on Wednesday 13th April at 6.30pm!


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We are excited to announce that Authentic Worth will be having their first face-to-face workshop with The British Library and Start-ups in London Libraries on Friday 12th November at 13.00pm.

The theme is: ‘Confident Face’ – Building personal confidence and resilience for business success, taken from the Founder of Authentic Worth’s latest book release; “Confident Face.”

It takes a lot of strength, tenacity and perseverance to build inner confidence, whilst running a business. This workshop is for those that have a desire to run a business towards becoming an aspiring entrepreneur in their chosen field of interest. 

Hosted by Authentic Worth, the workshop will be an investment towards personal development, better preparing you for the challenges of business life. 

The workshop will help you build your ‘Confident Face’ – being able to recognise, embrace and celebrate the real you, providing practical steps of building confidence whilst bouncing back from a pandemic.

Tickets are now available on EventBrite! Register in our bio today for your free entry! 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 12th November!


Building Confidence after a lockdown – in partnership with the British Library

Before greatness comes, it starts with nurturing and developing your character, and in turn can help you build back confidence after a pandemic. 

Authentic Worth in partnership with The British Library and Business &  IP Centre are hosting a free online workshop on Friday 20th August at 14.00pm to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs build confidence in business and their personal endeavours whilst turning their gifts into valuable resources. 

Esther Jacob’s new book; Confident Face is set to help you find purpose, understand your gifts and build confidence to ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience. 

To the aspiring, existing and established creatives, individuals and entrepreneurs, this event is catered for you. 

Register today on EventBrite to reserve your ticket here

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