How you start the year is very important. When looking back over 2019, what did you learn from the past 12 months and how will you make 2020 different? What were the highlights in 2019, the low points in 2019, the silent seasons in 2019 and the unexpected blessings in 2019?

A gentle reminder that each new year will bring a new challenge; please brace yourselves for this! This is not to scare you or make you crawl back into your comfort zone where there is stagnant growth. No! We must be prepared for what challenges and setbacks will come, because for every obstacle, there is a solution. There is nothing impossible for God to do. Challenges keep you humble; they help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to respond better!

Remember that each second of your life you can’t get it back; in this case, your focus, your priorities, the people you surround yourself with, how you position God in your life (pivotal) <<<- I must emphasise on this; how you see God in 2020 will dictate how He will move on your behalf. You can’t expect to see a change if you are doing the same thing expecting a different result. God cannot be limited so don’t limit Him. He can do more than you think, and the plans you have set for yourself cannot comprehend to what He has already planned for the twelve months of 2020! He will shock you with what He has in mind!! Guaranteed!

A new 2020; are you going to make it count? Don’t wait for opportunities; create them. BE THE OPPORTUNITY. Do something different; be creative, be kind, be attractive, be bold, be authentic! Don’t try to imitate anyone in this new season; be inspired not intimidated – work on yourself, work on your heart. Take it one step at a time – do not go too fast and do not work too slowly at the same time balance

Read! Read! READ! I can’t emphasise how important reading is to the mind. As an Author of three books, I continue working on Authentic Worth and the impact it’s making for aspiring Authors and many creatives. From last year’s workshop, we endeavour each and every person to invest in reading and studying books and taking it seriously! Write down your story and turn it into a book for others to be inspired. You could be the next Author of the year 2020 – more information is found on our website.

Let 2020 be a different yet, U-N-I-Q-U-E. Step out of your comfort zone. BELIEVE FOR WHAT ISN’T SEEN, HAVE FAITH THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. DON’T WAIT TO BE CALLED, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Show that you have what it takes! 2020 will be a beautiful year, but it is up to YOU to make it beautiful!

I look forward to enjoying this beautiful new decade and more importantly, seeing growth locally and globally, as well as our family members, loved ones and friends. Be consistent in building a community of exponential change because you have what it take, however, it may take some time. Remember, SLOW GROWTH IS BETTER THAN NO GROWTH!

Don’t rush God; don’t disturb the process. It is doing what it needs to do on its own. Be still and listen, rather than disrupt and talk too quickly. Get WISDOM – this is the secret to a successful life!

Above all, enjoy this new year…2020 I salute you with arms open wide. I am thankful to God for how far He has brought me and looking forward to working wiser, smarter and thinking BIGGER! It’s all IN you and it is time to bring it OUT of you!

To a supernatural and powerful 2020…have a good one and enjoy the journey everyone!

Love Esther.