Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the journey of 2020 so far?

We haven’t got long to go until we launch our first workshop of the year with Authentic Worth. The theme is: building self-confidence and personal development in 2020!

Below are all our videos to date of what the workshop will entail:

Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development in 2020

Be confident in who you are

Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development in 2020 Part 2

11 tips on building self-confidence and personal development 

The importance of building self-confidence and personal development will enable you to be better than you was yesterday and expect to have a greater tomorrow. Remember that confidence is not built in a day; it takes your whole life. However, we want you to get to a stage where you are purely confident, especially when the trials and tribulations of life come.

No one is exempt from life’s challenges, but we can take one day at a time to be better and bring out the best in others. I’ll be sharing alongside our two special guest speakers on how we found our confidence and developed ourselves through our careers, our personal and professional endeavours. There is still time to sign up for the workshop so do not miss out!

You have to be intentional about working on yourself daily and being the best version of you. There isn’t anyone out there like you; you are unique.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th March 2020 at 12.00pm!

Much love and remember: your self-confidence and personal development are not for sale!


For those who know me, you would know how social media is a part of what I do. I decided to take a few days off social media to recuperate, reflect and have me time. I want to tell you that social media isn’t running away from you. No matter how many posts you see on a daily basis, you will not be behind on anything, as long as you discipline your mind well.

There needs to be balance in everything we do; if we constantly partake in the same routine, we will only achieve the same results. Taking time off what you are used to is good for your mind to rest. It is refreshing to do different activities. I take time off social media to regain focus and plan for the future. When things seem overwhelming, I wouldn’t recommend using social media as a way to ease the pain; this will only increase it.

Depending on how your mindset is positioned, for me, I thank God He has helped me to develop self-control, to know what I need to take into account and what I don’t need to take into account. This takes time, so please do not put yourself under any pressure if you are influenced so quickly.

My question to you is: what purpose is social media providing that makes you a better person? Is it just to compare yourself to others and secretly put yourself down behind the scenes? Or, are you trying to avoid someone to ‘secure your insecurities?’ Do not let these be so, and don’t give any of them room in your life. These are emotions talking and they aren’t always accurate. Taking time off social media is meant to be for healthy purposes; not just to avoid people or the hype.

You are valuable and for those that use social media, use it wisely because someone’s life could be inspired by what you post. Don’t post out of boredom or to show off. Your intentions speak louder than your mouth does. Be humble. Be kind. Serve. Make someone else’s day and focus on your lane. Social media is not the ultimate goal. It is a resource that is used every second. Remember who the source is: God. Don’t allow social media to break you into pieces. It is good to take a break. Remember this. You are not missing out on anything!

You are loved ❤

Esther Speaks
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The best is yet to come!

Can I be real with you? Patience is a real test of character, integrity and humility. Within the waiting process, you see how much growth has been added to your life, including your expectations. At times, you realise that what you desire becomes more stronger, but then, when panic kicks in, you are rest assured that it will come through.

There will be stages in our lives where we will question whether our hearts’ desires will really come to fruition. You look around and it seems that everyone’s needs are being met but yours. I am here to let you know that YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! Do not give up on what you want to see happen in your life. When you are near to giving up, it is the moment that your prayers become answered.

I really want to encourage you to keep the Faith and hold on to what you want to see happen. Remember that it is your words that create your life, so watch how you speak and be consistent in your endeavours. Don’t be happy today then upset tomorrow. Strive to be positive all the time! Someone is looking up to you for strength, so don’t put your head down just because what you want didn’t come through.

You are reading this blog today so that is a true testament of what you desire being nearer than you think. It’s amazing how life works; what you give it, it will give itself back to you. Stand firm and be bold, and know that what is ahead of you awaits YOU!

You will get what you desire; every tear you cried is a strong sign that it is closer than you think!

Keep going!

With love,


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The Excitement is Real

So far, 2018 has been an up and downs, as any other year would. I have truly been tested in various ways according to my level of Faith, being focused on what truly matters, and more importantly having inner peace of mind.

Despite all the distractions and noise, there is still room for excitement! You know when you have been waiting so long for something you desire to happen, I want to encourage you to be expectant and patient. What you have been waiting for is on its way. I have learnt to take things one step at a time, focusing on one area of my life to another.

Imagine how content and happy you would become if you just took life step by step? You do not need to look at what other people are doing which makes you question who you really are. You should not be working on people’s clock, but on the Lord’s timing.

There will be moments in our lives where it will seem that nothing is happening, but that is when the Lord is up to something great. I truly believe with all my heart that in your season of silence, you are being pruned, set apart and stretched all for the better. I would say to myself that if I had everything I always wanted in my time, would I truly be able to handle it? I do not think I would, and may take them for granted.

You can’t always demand so much if you have not put in the hard work. This I where humility comes in. It is so vital to consistently cultivate a thankful heart and use what you have to benefit other people. Do not hide your gifts and think nothing good can come out of it. In my recent video ‘In a world of comparison’, I emphasised on our gifts and utilising them to the best of our ability. To encourage the ladies and gentlemen that we are all uniquely created and chosen to do great things without having to compare ourselves with others. Click on the link below: In a World of Comparison

Do be encouraged today that your 2018 will be a great one. We are literally a quarter into the year and it has been a beautiful journey so far. Do not give up on God because He will not give up on you. Stay grounded in the Faith and keep going because your breakthrough is on the way, so enjoy the journey!


Esther Jacob

Author of It’s Time to Heal & Completion.