What is humility to you? How would you define humility in the society we are living in today? This topic is not only important, but is essential in all of our lives. As we are increasing in several areas, we must ultimately remember that success starts with humility. Do not underestimate the importance of being humble, especially when you are doing well.

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There is no time to live anyhow in these tragic testing seasons we are in. Our words, how we live (our lifestyle) and what we do matters. Time is only in God’s Hands, and that is not to be tampered with. Look at the image above; there are no arrows that indicate what the time is. The life you have now is being controlled by God. Do not take your life for granted. Do something useful with the time you have now. God is watching!

Remember, this is only for a season. It will not be forever. So many of us, including myself can have this natural tendency of feeling fearful for what tomorrow holds. As the rage of the Coronavirus has hit thousands of people worldwide, the attempt to even turn on the news and listen can be daunting. YET, as believers of Christ, we are able to stand firm, knowing that this will pass.

The situations and circumstances we face are not to keep us in the same position we are in. There is a tendency to what to remain complacent and think of this as “oh, we won’t have to do anything” “let’s just plan ahead” “we will make this happen!”, not understanding the plans you decide to make have to be ordained by God. No matter what you want to achieve, if God is not in the centre, it will fail.

Think about this pandemic now. What has caused us to be in such a heavy crises that has caused many loved ones to leave before their time? Why is it now that people are being extremely kind now that Covid-19 has occurred? Have you also noticed that this season, people are taking advantage of others. Five plantains used to be a £1, now three plantains are £1!!! No more dettol, tissues or hand sanitisers anywhere!

People lose faith and they buy so many unnecessary products to either waste them or feed their pride, not believing that this Covid-19 won’t last. So we buy in panic and fear, we make ourselves look good by trying to make more money that may not necessarily help others. My focus right now is: what are you doing with the time you have on your hands now? Are you just ‘waiting’ for Covid-19 to pass you by before you can start living your life?

The time is NOW! There is a strong message that I believe God Himself wants to inform us, but our world has become their own gods, becoming self-righteous and only thinking about what they can get from others. The NHS, on the other hand, are doing a tremendous job in looking after many patients that have been diagnosed with Covid-19. For those that do not suffer or are immune to sickness, this is your opportunity to jump at the top of your voice, sing and praise God for protecting and preserving your life.

Covid-19 is a message for all of us to find out what our purpose on earth is, and fulfil it with a spirit of excellence. Everything we do must reflect the Glory of God. We are not just living for ourselves but those around the world. At times, people may not even know what to say due to the pressure and shock. This is a shock to us, but it is never a shock to God. This calls for us to look deep within our hearts to question our motives and see if there are any hidden agendas in us and change our ways quickly. The Lord has been TOO MERCIFUL TO US, and now is the time we can experience how He feels.

This has shaken the entire world, not even comparing this to Swine Flu or Bird Flu, the Covid-19 has made our eyes open even more to what we can do in this short period of time we have here on earth. If you are breathing and reading this message today, do not take life for granted. You DO have time! We all have 24 hours in a day, so do not waste it. Be intentional about your words, your lifestyle and the impact you want to bring in the lives of others. It will surely go a long way!

Last message: do not take life for granted, and more importantly, do not take God for granted. Believe in Him now that you have the time; don’t put it off because you never know when something like Covid-19 will visit unexpectedly.


When I look back at how 2019 started for me, it really made me more aware of meeting people who are not only in my industry, but who specialises in other areas which makes friendship and working more effective. For me, I have been fully stretched out of my comfort zone this year, and has made me realise how much I have to give. You would be so surprised to appreciate what you already have, rather than looking for external answers.

In this September season, what is something that is beyond you that will make you feel a little bit uncomfortable? Have you given thought to it, or even tried to make one move? They say it is better to try and fail than not try and regret. With failure, comes success. I strongly guarantee this. You can learn so much in your failures as well as you do in your successes. It is all about perspective.

We only have four months left to go for 2019. If you started off great, well done and keep going! Your consistency and hard work will pay off. If 2019 didn’t go off so well for you, examine and look back over the areas that failed you and write them down to see how you can learn from them and get better. You only get better by persevering, not staying down.

When you want to achieve a specific goal or purpose, it won’t be in the way in your comfort zone, but it takes a lot of strength to step out in Faith and believe that you have what it takes to make a change. Starting a business is a full-tie job, as well as working for a large corporate firm – they still both have their demands, but how you perceive it to be matters the most. Not how other people are telling you to run your life.

I leave you with this: be persistent, be consistent, be expectant and when rejection comes, use it as an opportunity for a turn-around. Do not give up; you could be next in line for something that is greater beyond you! Remember, when you are building, you are not just building for you. You are building for those who are yet to come in the future. Legacy!

Esther Jacob (c) Copyright 2019

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For those who know me, you would know how social media is a part of what I do. I decided to take a few days off social media to recuperate, reflect and have me time. I want to tell you that social media isn’t running away from you. No matter how many posts you see on a daily basis, you will not be behind on anything, as long as you discipline your mind well.

There needs to be balance in everything we do; if we constantly partake in the same routine, we will only achieve the same results. Taking time off what you are used to is good for your mind to rest. It is refreshing to do different activities. I take time off social media to regain focus and plan for the future. When things seem overwhelming, I wouldn’t recommend using social media as a way to ease the pain; this will only increase it.

Depending on how your mindset is positioned, for me, I thank God He has helped me to develop self-control, to know what I need to take into account and what I don’t need to take into account. This takes time, so please do not put yourself under any pressure if you are influenced so quickly.

My question to you is: what purpose is social media providing that makes you a better person? Is it just to compare yourself to others and secretly put yourself down behind the scenes? Or, are you trying to avoid someone to ‘secure your insecurities?’ Do not let these be so, and don’t give any of them room in your life. These are emotions talking and they aren’t always accurate. Taking time off social media is meant to be for healthy purposes; not just to avoid people or the hype.

You are valuable and for those that use social media, use it wisely because someone’s life could be inspired by what you post. Don’t post out of boredom or to show off. Your intentions speak louder than your mouth does. Be humble. Be kind. Serve. Make someone else’s day and focus on your lane. Social media is not the ultimate goal. It is a resource that is used every second. Remember who the source is: God. Don’t allow social media to break you into pieces. It is good to take a break. Remember this. You are not missing out on anything!

You are loved ❤

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Queens Have Manners

Queens have manners

Your character is so precious that you could be viewed by the way you act, talk and operate in your lifestyle. We are living in a world that is full of criticism, conflict and pain. Sometimes, we don’t even want to wake up in the morning because we do not hope for anything good to come out of the day. Even though life may not always be fair, and people always judging and labeling you with harsh words, remember that you are valuable to God. We are not perfect-beings, and we should try to stop striving and stressing ourselves to attain someone else’s approval of us.

It doesn’t matter what people define you as; what truly matters is how you see yourself. Queens have manners; they are not concerned about the other party, and how they perceive them to be. A queen is so unique that she is on her own individual race and does not have time to compete or compare with others. She is a replica of the Proverbs 31 woman; a determined woman who works extremely hard to reach her goals, a humble woman who does not indulge in gossip, an encouraging woman who always cheers others on, a tenacious woman who SPEAKS words of wisdom to her fellow sisters, a meek woman who respects authority, and above all, a woman who wholeheartedly seeks and serves the Father. When a woman can serve the Father, she is precious because she chooses to look beyond herself and seeks God for validation. She yearns to get so intimate and lost with God in order to prevent negative conflict that may occur along the way.

Queens have manners 2

She has manners because she wants to please the Lord and help those around her become humble and kind. She knows how it feels to be put down so she refuses to be influenced by an outside party; rather, she influences others and makes a strong impact. Are you the queen that has manners? I am not saying that you have to be a doormat for people to walk on, but when you are in a sticky situation, and you want to solve the issue, take a humbly-offensive approach. What does that mean? It means to be willing to apologise for where you have gone wrong, however being honest, truthful and bold enough to also express the way you feel in a non-offensive manner. It won’t always be easy because we always want to seem ‘right’ in other people’s eyes, but this should not always be the outcome. It takes a Queen to know where they have gone astray and come up with a solid solution.

No matter what, we are all equal in the Lord’s eyes and He is not a respecter of man. He really values and understands our shortcomings and weaknesses, but it takes a QUEEN to first of all humble themselves and apologise for any inconvenience caused. I remember a time where I was going through a friendship issue, and the first person I went to was a friend. I love this friend, but the advice given did not help the situation at all. Why was this? Because she was offering advice from her perspective, but I forgot to seek God for His perspective, and this is why some of us today are left confused and spoken down upon, because we refuse to seek the Father as we feel He might be too slow to answer us. Nonetheless, one must remember that a slow result is better than a fast fall. I would rather allow God to take His precious time on me, in building my character, my walk, my conduct, rather than to seek man for quick approval, because people can smile with you when you are on top, but when all obstacles burst out, you will question yourself as to why you opened up.

Now I am not saying that opening up to people is wrong, it’s the FIRST PERSON that you open up to that is a big concern. Some of you may have best friends that you open up to, and that is okay. But have in mind that they too have faults, mistakes, and failures but our God who is Perfect, Supreme, Mighty, Pure, Righteous & Holy can attend to Him at any time WITHOUT feeling judged. He is not a God of “yes today and no tomorrow”; He is a CONSISTENT FATHER who wants the very best for His Queens. But ladies, our mannerism speaks volumes not just from a friendship perspective, but even in preparing for a solid relationship. It really does, and I too am learning. I am a work-in-progress, and no matter how long it takes to get rid of toxic behaviour, I am willing to enjoy the journey because that is how you learn and grow.

Some of us have lost really good friends due to our character and mannerisms. Yes, they hurt you, but you reacted to that hurt and made it difficult to heal. You may have made it seem bigger than it actually was. When people hurt you, queens, it does not mean that we too should show them how we feel and intentionally hurt them back. I know at times, we act in ways that offend others and we are not even aware. Some people can’t even open up because of fear that you may not be able to handle the truth. Let us be sincere, we have all been in this boat. When someone can tell you the truth in love, and you know that what they are saying is true, you have won a very good loyal friend. Others can give up on you quicker than a cheetah running a marathon race, but it takes a true friend to stick closer to you than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

Remember, it is okay to be broken, but do not allow that brokenness to rub on your character. You do not want your character to be tarnished, you are a Queen of the Most High and you have manners. You count in this world, so make a difference. Do not blend in with those who speak foul words, but instead, influence them with your aura and gentle spirit. A gentle spirit, therefore, is where God can abide because where there is gentleness, His Spirit takes over and turns our lives around for the better because we are being unapologetically intentional about having good manners. At times, your character will be tested in ways that one would not expect. It truly does happen, but with these tests, they should produce a better outcome.

Above all queens, remember that you have manners, and if you want to make an impact, you must first and foremost check yourself; check your heart, check your thoughts. Do not worry about what people are saying, because the truth of the matter is: are you speaking well to yourself? Or are you speaking defeat?

Ask yourself if people would sincerely want to be around you? It’s tough at times to critique yourself because it is easy to say “I am perfect”, “There are no flaws in me”, “I am just fine”, but are you? Can you honestly say that you don’t take all things to heart and that you are always calm, even when people intentionally want to hurt you? Are you at that level where you can REALLY LOVE your enemies, and I mean LOVE THEM, not wishing for their downfall or having evil thoughts about them? Because Queens don’t have these thoughts. Queens are working extremely hard to have a better and peaceful life for themselves and those who are attached to her. She is not a talebearer that reveals secrets. A perverse man sows strife, and a whisperer separates the best of friends (Proverbs 16:28).

So the Word for you today is: have good manners; it really goes a long way, because how you operate now is a reflection of who you are. Whatever you do now is what you will carry to your future. Learn to humble yourself and get rid of the pride that is controlling your thought life and learn to serve God in every aspect of your life.

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