The most amazing gift is family which I do not take of granted. In 2019, we recorded our first sibling tag and wanted to do another one for 2020. Enjoy our new Jacob’s sibling tag; get to know us on a deeper level, be prepared to laugh, and make sure you cherish your loved ones each day. I am humbled for my family! I hope you learn to cherish your family each and every day.

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From Glory to Glory book launch 2019 was intentional. The theme for the book launch is: “THE NEXT LEVEL”.

I am fully humbled by the support given from start to finish! My words can’t comprehend the wisdom, real talks, and the tears people shed when sharing my story.

From the amazing man Himself, God Almighty, for making the day successful, to my stunning family, to the wonderful videographer and photographer Emmanuel to the powerful guest speakers and performers Audrey, Nike and Sarah, to the unfailing administrator, Josephine, to the twin MCs Anu and Anne-Marie to those who contributed snacks, the projection team; those who supported and stood by me, coming from far locations, to those who got a copy of the book and my other books, please know that I won’t forget this day!

I appreciate each and every one of you!💯💯 From Glory to Glory is dedicated to my late sister Glory, and I know she is smiling down.

For those who knows what this event means to me is more than words! Ladies and gentlemen, please cherish life! It is a gift!

For the full video watch it HERE!

To get a signed copy from me, you can get the book from the website on



To all aspiring and upcoming Authors; I know what it feels like to get stuck in writing. At times, when I get a writer’s block, I tend to move away from my usual environment and do something adventurous. If you have plans and ideas on wanting to write a book and feel you don’t know where to start, why not join me and the team on Saturday 16th February 2019 at the Authentic Worth book workshop. More information can be found on this link where you can sign up.

I don’t want to give too much away, but you will be challenged, transformed, and ready to stat writing. So don’t delay, sign up!!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Authentic Worth



Discuss, engage, connect and unwind! It is time to present to you The Big Debate 2018! The excitement for the event is so real! Where there are many events that don’t always have/take full advantage of being transparent or the time to speak about various topics, our professional and bespoke speakers from different stages will discuss some of our pressing needs that are influencing our society.

The theme is ‘B R E A K I N G B A R R I E R S’ – the tendency to compare can become a silent struggle. There is always a natural feeling to this; when someone is doing well it provokes you to do better. Your gifts make room for you so take full advantage of it. Some of us are physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and socially drained, which is causing us to compromise who we truly are – do you agree?


***Please be advised to ask questions so as to stimulate the day and make it a pleasant experience, or you can write your questions down and the ushers will hand it over to the panelists***


Do you have the knowledge to set up a business but don’t feel the financial resources are sufficient? Or do you struggle with self-worth and not realise it causes stagnation to your personal growth and perhaps those around you? What if you have been waiting patiently for ‘The One’ but no one fits the criteria. Let’s talk about it! The following topics on the day will consist of:


Courting – Am I in the right relationship?

Marriage – I am feeling discouraged in my marriage; I feel like giving up!

Friendships – I have trust issues and can’t seem to understand why!

Financial Stability – I am always broke and find it hard to save – what advice can you give me?

Career Advice – I am planning to start my own business but don’t have the financial resources. What options do I have?


YES – there will be three special raffles so ensure you reserve yours before Saturday 21st July! This will be included in the purchase of your ticket online so you will get the raffle upon arrival. If tickets run out online, please know that we accept on-the-door purchases and a raffle will be given.


Prize Give-A-Ways:
There will be an additional two prizes to be won but will be mentioned on the day!

Light refreshments, lots of banter, opportunities to network with others, and more importantly, a lovely atmosphere in God’s presence.


Please note that there is a special offer on tickets for a limited time only:


***Early Bird Tickets: £7.00 (Sunday 08th April to Thursday 31st May)***

Standard Tickets: £10.00 (Friday 1st June to Saturday 21st July)


EventBrite link to register: The Big Debate – Breaking Barriers


(For promotional purposes, if you have Twitter please HashTag #TheBigDebate18)

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