I am known to be a woman of consistency and confidence. It has been a journey, but when I look back, I understand why confidence has and will always be a strong trait I possess. The confidence I have isn’t just for me, though. It is bigger than me because what you desire to achieve and build will involve many hands.

I understand the frustration, the tears, the long nights of work, trying to sort your life out. However, in the seasons of uncertainty, there are solutions, creative ideas, innovate formulas, and unique strategies that can be utilised to the best of their abilities. My greatest success hasn’t been in the achievements of followers, or how many books I’ve sold, but in how I’ve decided to bounce back up again and keep it moving. There is a tendency to assume that the higher the numbers, the greater the influence, when Luke 12:48 states that when much is given, much *more* is required #accountability #responsibility

Meaning that, the higher you go, the more pressure, the more challenges, the more responsibilities, the more eyes are watching you, the more criticism, and the more consistent you must become. You’ve asked for the promotion; you’ve worked hard to get the title, but how are you maintaining it? How are you choosing to remain positive in uncertainty? Anyone can be happy when their plans fall in place, but you, the individual reading this blog post today, how are you coping in uncertainty? What mindset shifts are you cultivating today that is causing you to gradually make changes in your day to day life? Are you taking life one step at a time? Perhaps that could be where to start, with o n e d a y…

It’s not enough to complain and remain stagnant because life hasn’t been fair to you. Life doesn’t always have to be fair, but you do have to be fair to yourself, by treating your mindset with care, taking life one step at a time, and not being so concerned about the future. I know you are building, planning generational wealth, striving to hit your revenue target for your business, aiming to expand and collaborate with others, yes, it is a part of the plan, however, when uncertainty strikes, what do you do?

Everyone is different when it comes to reacting to uncertainty; the most important factor to take into account is how much responsibility it will cost you to overcome the unknown. How intentional are you going to be in the times we are in to speak positive words into your situations and continue moving forwards?

I’d love to hear your comments below on how you handle uncertainty – together there is hope.


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