Your Story Matters: How to Write a Book with Dyslexia Workshop

Your story matters: How to write a book with dyslexia workshop

Join Authentic Worth Publishing and Dyslexic Aspiring Author Elizabeth Takyi (BA Hons PGgcert) as we present our workshop on how to write a book with Dyslexia.

Theme: “Your Story Matters: How to Write a Book with Dyslexia Workshop.”

Your story matters! No matter who you are, remember that you are capable of writing and sharing your story with the community. Authentic Worth Publishing are proud to be collaborating with Dyslexic Aspiring Author, Elizabeth Takyi (BA Hons PGgcert) on the practical steps of how to write and publish a book. We will be discussing the importance of how those with Dyslexia can overcome the mental barriers and prepare them to start writing with one step at a time. We’ve worked with authors that have published books alongside having Dyslexia and will be sharing their experiences and how they overcame it. 

This workshop is for you if you are looking to write a book and share it with the community, develop your writing abilities with ease and confidence, meet like-minded people, connect with local authors, be inspired by the journey of others in business and book writing, and ultimately, networking and building stronger connections with others. 

About Authentic Worth Publishing:

Authentic Worth; Founded in 2018 is a diverse book publishing company dedicated to aspiring authors to share various stories and turn them into published books. We provide on-going support through monthly workshops and seminars virtually/in-person that equip aspiring authors to learn, write with confidence, and gain the knowledge needed in writing their books. Authentic Worth provides a range of self-help books for the benefit of authors to support their writing endeavours and provides tailored book publishing services from proofreading, editing, typesetting and formatting. Authentic Worth supports aspiring authors with learning about the process of writing a book with our bespoke online courses to gain extensive knowledge on the go.

There will be various group activities and opportunities to interact and ask questions relating to your endeavours and how we can support you on writing a book with Dyslexia specifically for business and personal needs. We want you to know how important your book is and being able to share it in the community is the first stage of leaving a remarkable legacy enabling your story to stand out from the rest. 

Registration is now open:

Upon registering, you will receive a Zoom link that will be sent to your email address. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 29th October at 2.00pm prompt!


Your story isn’t meant to be hidden; it’s meant to be shared to those around you whether locally or globally – Authentic Worth Publishing.

The Garden of My Soul – Tara Mulumba

On Saturday 27th August, our latest Author; Tara Mulumba had her first book launch party! The Garden Of My Soul Book Launch was a success! Although the Women’s Worth Conference Group’s aim is to inspire, encourage and support women in their day to day endeavours, we still like to showcase Authentic Worth Publishing’s services, highlights of our authors, and opportunities for them to have book launches that reflect them as well as their books.

The transparency, tears, great turnout of people that came and wisdom shared inspires Authentic Worth continue the good work of supporting authors in sharing their stories and adding value to all readers. When you pick up a book, what do you want people to gain from it? Think about this because what you read becomes a part of you.

We are excited for where Author Tara will go and look forward to seeing The Garden Of My Soul reach many more readers now and for the future. Congratulations Tara – Authentic Worth Publishing celebrates you! For more information, visit our Instagram page where you will see more photos and videos on the day of the launch.


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Using your book to build your brand online workshop

Save the date: Saturday 17th September at 2.00pm.

Calling entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, first-time/aspiring authors and creatives that want to take their book to another level! 

Authentic Worth Publishing is hosting a virtual workshop on Saturday 17th September with the theme: ‘Using your book to build your brand.’ For those who desire to write a book but haven’t yet started or currently in the process of writing a book, at the finishing stages of writing a book or already have a book published and looking to launch and build a brand around their story, this workshop is for you! 

Joining us will be our latest authors:

Sasha Gay Smith – Author of Who’s Knocking and Founder of I am In Me CIC

Sandra Obeng – Author of Encourage Your Best Life and Founder of FearXLess Jewellery Store

Sasha and Sandra will be sharing their individual stories on what inspired them to write their books and how they’ve been able to use it as a valuable asset in their businesses.

We will be discussing the essential tools of using your own book to build your brand and business. There will also be opportunities to meet and connect with our authors and network with like-minded people. Come with your questions and let’s learn and grow together. 

Registration is now available on EventBrite  

See you on Saturday 17th September.

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Scared and still going

Do you ever wonder how your life will be in the years ahead? No matter what season you are in, know that everyone will encounter those moments where it seems like nothing is changing or we may have to pivot. As a woman that enjoys encouraging, serving the community and using my gifts and talents to influence local and generational change, it is crucial to keep going on the journey. As I published my sixth book; Abundant Progress with Authentic Worth Publishing, I had the opportunity to reflect and think about what solution I intended to solve for my readers.

From the responses that were given, the feedback was embracing the waiting season and being present with where you are. It can be very easy to complain or be anxious about what tomorrow holds, however, we have to get to the place where we are content with what’s already in front of us. It isn’t to shrink or feel less than, but to understand the importance of working in wisdom and disciplining those thoughts that make you question who you are.

I emphasise a lot on taking breaks and being intentional about what each day brings and the importance of your thought-patterns. What is the essence of harbouring thoughts that aren’t going to produce effective results. For this reason, I encourage supportive mentoring sessions and trusted confidants that you can speak to about what you are feeling, however, remembering that you are more than wha you are going through. It will take daily work, but you have to promise yourself to keep going because the future generation awaits your story.

When I ponder over Abundant Progress, it is teaching you to maximise the gradual steps of the journey and not going ahead of your time, but taking the opportunity to learn from everything the season is teaching you. Don’t neglect the nervous seasons because it is building you up to become better for tomorrow. You are greater than where you was and will be more greater where you are going; you just have to keep going. Don’t allow fear or stagnation to keep you in one place. If you need to reach out because of the value you know is going to make an impact, do so with confidence, knowing that the right opportunities will find you.

Dear woman; be confident that your journey will never be wasted and you will come out of it as the champion you are. When no one tells you how important you are, remind yourself of the journey and see how far you have come. That is motivation to keep going despite being scared.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.



It has been an honour being able to interview two profound women who has contributed to the writing of Confident Face as they transparently share their individual stories of their journey into their skincare routines. We have decided not to wear any make-up in the video to remind you that you are more than external products. It is important that as young and mature women, we get to a stage where we are comfortable talking about the areas that once made us feel hidden and insecure, to being bold enough to own who you are and want to pass on the mantle to others that desire change in their lives.

For this reason, we encourage you to listen, take notes and share this video with your loved ones to inspire them to be their own Confident Face and refuse to gravitate to the standards that society places on them. We believe you will be inspired by our video and book project; let us know your contributions in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

Disclaimer: The products specified in this video isn’t for offering recommendations; it will be used at the buyer’s own discretion.

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