So I went to Dubai with my family just last week and arrived today, and I must say it has been one of the most refreshing and relaxing holidays to date so far in 2019! In particular being able to celebrate my mothers 60th birthday was truly the highlight. #morelife!

I learnt a lot about different people, the culture, how people in Dubai operate and work and how it differs from the way I usually do things here in London. It’s so amazing to embrace ways you are not used to!

I believe whoever you are travelling with, whether family or friends, everybody deserves a holiday! Don’t be so hard on yourself and learn to treat yourself with a rested-pampered get a way! Whether it is for a short weekend stay or couple of weeks; learn to relax, work on your mental health and do what you can to stay actively healthy!

You have a right to enjoy life because it is a gift!

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For more information on my first trip to Dubai click HERE! 

With love and warmth,

Esther x