The best is yet to come!

Can I be real with you? Patience is a real test of character, integrity and humility. Within the waiting process, you see how much growth has been added to your life, including your expectations. At times, you realise that what you desire becomes more stronger, but then, when panic kicks in, you are rest assured that it will come through.

There will be stages in our lives where we will question whether our hearts’ desires will really come to fruition. You look around and it seems that everyone’s needs are being met but yours. I am here to let you know that YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! Do not give up on what you want to see happen in your life. When you are near to giving up, it is the moment that your prayers become answered.

I really want to encourage you to keep the Faith and hold on to what you want to see happen. Remember that it is your words that create your life, so watch how you speak and be consistent in your endeavours. Don’t be happy today then upset tomorrow. Strive to be positive all the time! Someone is looking up to you for strength, so don’t put your head down just because what you want didn’t come through.

You are reading this blog today so that is a true testament of what you desire being nearer than you think. It’s amazing how life works; what you give it, it will give itself back to you. Stand firm and be bold, and know that what is ahead of you awaits YOU!

You will get what you desire; every tear you cried is a strong sign that it is closer than you think!

Keep going!

With love,


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2018 – what a year! 2019, I AM READY FOR YOU!

It’s that time again where I choose December to be my month of reflection! oh, how I love December!

December is a time to ponder on the whole year and analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2018 for me, personally, has been a year of many achievements; being promoted in my previous position, having another annual event in July; The Big Debate, my first workshop for book writers in November, travelling to Dubai in July with my sister (which was not the plan to go this year, lol!), having a website for the business; Authentic Worth and other achievements that I am humbled by.

There have been moments where my Faith have been stretched and tested, but only for the better. Being able to put my big sister to rest was not the easiest, but has caused me to not only appreciate life, but to invest in mental and physical health, building strong friendships and relationships, living out my purpose and being intentional about the lives of others.

I have met authentic, real and kind people this year who I thought I’d never meet. People that have stood by me in the hard times, friends who have become sisters. It’s amazing how each year exposes you to new people, but also new levels, and in these levels, it really tests if you are willing to stand in the face of adversity. I can confidently say that I have passed the test. I have never experienced such an intense year as 2018. Lord knows!

A little progress leads to little successes! Yes, we here this statement all the time: ‘New Year, New Me’. But instead of saying it and not applying it, why not start planning your 2019 now! You don’t have to wait for Tuesday 01st January to arrive; you can start writing down your goals, aspirations, desires and TAKE ACTION! DO; don’t just say!

As I round-up, in as much as we have many accomplishments to fulfil in 2019, no matter how many that are written down in our journals, diaries, MAC’s, computers, remember that it is not possible accomplish them on your own.

Proverbs 16:3 emphasises that all our plans should be submitted to the Lord and He will guide us into what is the best route. Another strong advice is be SPECIFIC with your aspirations for 2019!

Be very honest with yourself; what is it that you are looking to achieve? It could be:

  • To be engaged
  • To get married
  • To buy a house
  • To leave full-time employment and start a small business with your partner
  • To be in ministry
  • To invest in healthy eating and positive thinking
  • To have regular workshops, masterclasses, online courses, events, conferences, seminars
  • To invest in self-development
  • To impact our generation with Christ’s teachings

What are your goals? SPEAK THEM INTO EXISTENCE! I’d like to know!

Fill your goals out the comment section below and I’ll reply you as soon as possible. More importantly, remember Matthew 6:33 – Seek Him first in all your desires!

For those that may not have had the best year, know that what caused you to cry is going to make you appreciate the year to come. As my dear sister is watching over me right now, I know that it is a strong sign that what is in 2019 will TRULY BLOW MY MIND!! I am looking forward to 2019! Are you?

With love,

Author of It’s Time to Heal, Completion & From Glory to Glory



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Authentic Worth is LIVE!

Authentic Worth - Social 01

Hello everyone and welcome back! It has been a while that I have blogged on this, but not to worry. I’ve been occupied with launching the new website and is finally live!

I am so excited for all of you and hoping the website will bless and minister to you. It is for young adults to cultivate, explore and achieve greatness! But more information can be found on: <<<— do subscribe to be up to date with the latest news!

There will also be a book workshop for those that have a story to share and would like to know about the process of writing a book. This is held on Friday 09th November!

If you are interested in finding out about the workshop, please click on this link:

There is a lot more in store for all of us, but let's first celebrate the small steps.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to speaking with you all soon!

With love,


Poster for November workshop

Four months to go!

  • What are you looking to achieve in these last four months of 2018?


  • Are you willing to take the risks in order to see your future blossom?


  • Who are you surrounded with that is investing in you positively?


  • How are your spending habits doing at the moment?


  • Have you considered God in all your dreams and goals?


  • How is your health? Do you attend the gym or do cardio at home?


  • What goals have you started off with that you can confidently tick off?


I would appreciate if you could all take time to respond to the above answers and email me on and together let’s make our goals a reality. Alternatively, you are welcome to write your comments below.

Cheers to a successful four months ahead.

Love Esther x

It has been a while!

Hey Hey! Yes, it has been a while that I’ve been in touch and active on my blog, but do not worry, I’ve got a surprise for you!

I thought to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comments on the blog which encourages me to keep going. It has been quite hectic this summer period, but I aim to be consistent. So I just want to break down how the two months of July and August have been for me and what I learnt:


What July 2018 like:

As some should know, I had an event called ‘The Big Debate” on Saturday 21st July in London. From the guest speakers, to the panellists, the spoken word artist and singers, it could not have been a better day! I want to take the time to thank all that came and contributed in prayer, finances and love. July 2018 taught me how to pursue God and work towards His timing. I was really concerned on how The Big Debate would be including how much food will be provided, but God truly brought people my way to support in abundance! A video will be coming out soon on YouTube so stay tuned!

I also went Dubai for the first time with a dear friend and it was on of the best experiences ever to date. You can check the video by clicking this link: A Trip to Dubai Vlog 2018 I really learnt how to enjoy without my questions being answered when I wanted them to be. This trip was a real treat for me to get away from all the noise and distractions. I chose to reflect and enjoy the season, and thought to share it with you. I believe each month so far in 2018 has taught me something significant; God is so Faithful. I met up with amazing people and made new friends which helped my spiritual journey also. I was in first position at work which I was not expecting, considering I was away on holiday (God’s Faithfulness!). I had a few other projects that I started so that also kept me going and will continue until they are completed.


What August 2018 was like:

Working towards my personal and professional goals, and being open-minded to people and opportunities has started off great.I have learnt the importance of balance, focus, consistency, and most importantly, consulting God before making any decision. I had so many ideas about what I plan to do, but I remembered that I am not the one in control. I’ve had my fears and days of doubt and tears, but I still aim to keep on going. I’ve made healthy decisions to limit the distractions and analyse my influencers. I used to take this for granted, but when I realised all I went through this year, I had to strictly discipline myself and make a decision to choose what to focus on.

There is no point in having a circle of influence that does not add value to your life. At times, however, I’ve learnt to take a deep look within and ask whether my influence has caused me to reflect on me. I am still half way into the month of August and I’m learning a lot, but I express it better on video lol! I have done a video this month so I’ll keep you updated on when it will be uploaded on YouTube.  If you have not subscribed, it would be highly appreciated if you do. Here is the link: My YouTube Channel. Is there any content you would like to see more of? Do let me know! I also visited my university in Canterbury to reminisce and see how far I’ve come, to explore the town and see what has changed. I highly advise those who studied to visit their universities from time to time, blog it, blog it, YouTube it, anything that can bring back those exciting memories!


Overall, my message for today is live your life in purpose and learn from every situation. Let everything that you do be intentional. Use the last four months in 2018 to make it a powerful one. How have you found the eight months so far? How have you become better than previous months? What are you going to do going forwards? What plans and goals have you set to achieve? Let’s chat in September!

With love,

Esther .x.


When there is silence

A great discussion I had with a dear sister about transparency. I alway say to myself that transparency is expensive, and cannot be taken lightly. When someone is trying to express the way they feel, it is a cry for help. A way to ask if you really understand the depth of pain they are going through.

We all have been there. Times where we have doubted who we are, trying to find pleasure in being busy, but in the end, you feel the same way you started. What triggers emotions the more is when there is silence. When you cry out, but nothing seems to come your way. You look good in your clothing, I can see that you are travelling to many countries, I see your Instagram followers increasing, but the real question to you is, are you happy?

2018 has been one of the most blowing years of my life – not only losing my sister in May, but understanding what and where inner peace comes from. Despite the silence, the tears, the pain, the noise, there is still something to be thankful for in the midst of circumstance. The silence that caused me to really look deep within made me realise that I am not alone in my situation.

The next time you feel that God is not answering or that your problems aren’t going away, try to be still in order to hear His voice. I am now realising that people cannot fully understand me the way God does, and what truly moves Him is being able to hear your voice that will shake the Heavens on your behalf. His peace is what we need to endure this life.

Give Him your all – this is what June has taught me. Don’t give him parts of it and deal with the rest. I really am taking every day as it comes as a rich lesson to make the most of it, and live my life to the fullest on purpose. No matter where you are right now, please tell yourself that you will never give up. We are all on a race, and you are in charge of winning or losing.

The pain that we encounter is not meant for us alone; the silent moments we face and experience is God telling you to get closer to Him. This is what I want to leave you with:

I want ou to get to the point where you trust what God says at the expense of His silence.

Your Father in Heaven knows what is best for you. So in the midst of silence, just be still and know that everyone is working for you, and not against you.

With love,

Esther .x.


Where do I start? – Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for your patience; I know I have not been as consistent as I used to be with blogging, but I am currently working on a few projects! First one is the upcoming debate currently on EventBrite:

Do get your tickets as they are going quickly! Early bird ends on Thursday 31st May! I’ll be planning to do more YouTube videos and live vlogs so do keep in touch with me.

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For those that may not know, I have two books currently listed on Amazon: It’s Time to Heal It’s Time to Heal and Completion – From the Perspective of Brokenness – if you are in a difficult season, these two books are a must read for the SS18!

I have so much to share, but writing and speaking are totally different lol! So if you want to find out, subscribe to my channel for monthly updates! (Esther N J) on YouTube.


I look forward to seeing you at The Big Debate in July! On top of the purchase, you get a free raffle so do keep your eyes peeled for the prizes. There is so much that I have on my heart to share, so please do not miss anything. What life has taught me so far is to keep going, no matter what tries to hold us back; we are overcomes. I am an overcomer and a true testimony of God’s Goodness. Without Him, nothing I do would be possible. The support so far has been so sincere that my mind can’t even fathom how humbled I am.


Remember that your pain/loss determines how far you want to go; do you want to achieve more or become complacent? Leave a long-lasting legacy on earth. Do not let them remaining 6 months be a wasted one. Do what you can to build the business, networking with like-minded people, set goal beyond your normal and keep praying consistently. That is the key to a successful life.

Much love,