Our relationship with PATIENCE – we all need it!

What is patience to you? How do you see patience working effectively in your life right now?

When you hear the word ‘patience’, what comes to mind? Do you know that patience helps you to become more structured, not allowing the waves and tosses of life to get your way? I have been deeply encouraged, challenged and stretched in my relationship with patience. A key attribute that we will appreciate when difficult moments appear.

Have you been in a season in your life where you’ve been tested by someone else’s impatience, that’s caused you to make decisions in haste due to pressure? It feels uncomfortable when you know the choice that’s been made will cost you in the long run. Trying to short cut every moment in your life won’t give you the ultimate victory. It takes gradual grace and the right steps that are ordered by the Lord to get you to the next level – a level that you are able to handle.

If you aren’t disciplined in your relationship with patience, how can you handle major issues that are beyond your control? Do you use your feelings and emotions as a defence to hide from your problems? Are you going to allow the pressures of society to cause you to lose your worth and identity for the sake of temporary attention? We ought to build on our relationship with patience.

When you make a decision to choose a great life, you are agreeing with going on another level; which means the greater the opportunity, the greater the responsibilities that are involved. It is not wise to force life to be what you want it to be, if you aren’t taking the practical steps to work on your own patience threshold. There will be times in our lives where we want more; this not not wrong. Of course, we desire more in life; more money, more joy, more peace, good health, a great work/life balance, healthy friendships and relationships etc, however, they all require a healthy level of patience.

We should not expect everything we desire to have to come in a way that is quick, without being disciplined in the ‘waiting season.’ The waiting season is the most beautiful place to be, and I am aware that quite a few people may find it difficult. Yes, you can admit that you’ve waited for five years for your breakthrough to occur, but those five years have surely built up your character. It has helped you to become who you are today. Those silent moments of worry and fear caused you to become more fruitful – to help others around you which in turn, has added value into their lives and well-being. This is one of the greatest contributing factors to a life of joy, peace and fulfilment – to serve others whilst we are in the season of waiting.

Endeavour to work on your relationship with patience; do not neglect the work that patience is doing within you and through you. You will know when you’re blossoming by the way you react and respond to situations beyond your control. Respond in patience and reap a fruitful life. Don’t make decisions in haste. Breathe. Pause. Pray and Believe! Patience is working for your good.

“Let perseverance (patience) finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” – James 1:4.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.



There will come a point in our lives where our faith levels will be tested – faith to believe in what you can’t yet see, and the ability to trust that what you are hoping for will come into existence at the right stage in your life. Do you ever feel restless when keeping your faith afloat? In the season we are in, understanding the meaning of life and applying faith to believe in the impossible can deem confusing, frustrating and somewhat, slow. However, it is in the seasons of delay and concern that our faith becomes stronger. We are more relentless when our faith levels are tested, pruned, stretched and transformed

Think of it as going to the gym; your muscles are being stretched and used on a regular basis; it becomes uncomfortable because the inconsistency of not attending the gym has enhanced your muscles on a level you haven’t experienced in quite a while. The faith that you have is an anchor that is for your own benefit. Nonetheless, you may know of someone right now that struggles with believing, especially when it comes to the big projects, dreams and aspirations. We can’t do every task on our own, and for this reason, we must come to the stage where we are selectively open-minded with those who we believe add value to our well-being and can keep us accountable in the faith.

This is a brief encouragement to remind you that in the hard times, your faith is being matured and it is working for you. Through the rejection, loss, betrayal, heartache; so many battles that one may have to face knowingly and unknowingly, are maturing you for a greater level of faith. When your faith is being nurtured, your mental state is also being trained to think the way your mind operates; to think positively despite the unexpected news is encouraging someone who may feel the need to give up. Remember that we do not exist just to survive, but to thrive; to inspire, encourage and impact others on their journey of faith that may feel off the edge.

Remind yourself each day to increase your faith and believe in the impossible, because anything is possible for the one who believes.


Hebrews 11:1 says that “Now, faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Let this be your anchor; what you wake to each morning believing that what you desire will happen according to your faith.


I want to give you a few questions to ponder on whilst reading the blogpost:

What is making you question what you can’t see at this time?

How can you believe in the impossible, even when your own thoughts tell you it won’t work?

How do you bounce back from the moments where it felt difficult to move on from?

Are you aware that being with someone who doesn’t have a healthy manner of faith can have an impact on your positive faith?

Don’t allow the rest of 2021 to pass you by and be complacent. Your maturity levels of faith will take you where you can’t go on your own. Keep the faith, keep the focus and keep believing! For what you desire will come to those who believe with their hearts.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!

Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!
Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!

As we are in the latter part of 2021, ask yourself this question and take the time to reflect on your emotions. How have they been throughout the year? Have they been healthy or unhealthy? Our world is going through intense pain, knowingly and unknowingly. People crying out for help; others enjoying their riches without thinking about those who are less fortunate. There comes a time in your life where you have to put life on pause or life will put a pause on you.

It is so important in these times to not only understand the way we feel, but not allowing it to control or define the decisions made and words spoken. When you turn on the news, many people are crying out, but how can you understand them fully if you haven’t been in their shoes? Perhaps we haven’t been taught how to control our emotions and the way we feel; instead, we cover it up with excess spending, lack of identity and purpose, and investing in things that doesn’t add value to the human mind. The key value in life is to give in love, not in expectation to receive something back, but doing it from a pure heart.

Will life go back to the way it was? I doubt it – however, you can make life great by building your own community little by little. Understand those around you, and feel what they feel. Encourage them that it is okay to cry, but not to stay down for a long time. These are the basic principles of being able to have a functional life. When you carry too many emotions, you start to act in ways that aren’t wise, therefore, it brings out sides in you that you thought you’d never have. We all have emotions; the rich, the poor, the middle-class; some can control it more than others, but the most important key I want you to get out of this is: control your emotions practically by writing down your thoughts, speaking to a trust family member or friend, going out for walks, resting instead of overworking and burning out. Life is too precious to not enjoy it. Make the most of it with your loved ones, and build on each other’s strengths.

Yours truly,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.


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About Confident Face:

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Confident Face is the ability to nurture and embrace your own authentic beauty. Our generation is heavily focused on physical attributes that tends to neglect inner beauty – the working on one’s character, behavioural patterns and attitudes which are often overlooked. The sooner you learn to accept who you are, the sooner you will move from the path of confusion to confidence. Be your own Confident Face

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July 2021 – The ‘seventh’ month of the year

July is the month of Completion and Perfection

We are now half way into 2021; what has been your deepest lessons learnt so far? What has January up to July taught you? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what is happening around us, locally and globally. At times, what we used to love and have a passion for can slowly start to fade away, but why all of a sudden? Because of a temporary situation?

Let’s be sincere now; the pandemic has hit everyone; both the good and bad, the rich and poor; no matter where you are in the world; the pandemic has and will always teach us a lesson. This definitely is a test; a test to see how many of us can persevere through the trials and tribulations of life. When the storms rage and what you planned doesn’t seem to fall in place, how you pick yourself up matters. It’s the consistency that we need to see.

For this reason; I’ve entitled this blog post ‘The seventh month of the year.’ The number 7 represents completion and perfection. No matter what it looks like right now in your life, you must declare that everything you desire to accomplish during the month of July will come to pass. Enough of the complaining; it does not get you far, but only blocks where you are going.

When big corporations, small kiosks, peoples lives and ultimately the health of some have deteriorated, there are many who will read this blog post and not only be thankful for their lives, but is determined to make an impact with what they have. You think you need more resources? Look within yourself. You think you need other corporations to validate your business? Look within yourself. When you work on yourself, the right people will find you and add value. It’s always about being s-t-r-a-t-e-g-i-c! What is your strategy for the month of July?

Is it to complain until you get your way through? Is it to constantly wonder when the breakthrough will come? Have you taken a leap of faith to do something different, or are you expecting everything to come to you with ease? We must do more with what we have, as well as take rest, of course.

Let this short, brief inspirational post be a wake-up call to you. Your now is greater than what is to come, because anything you start now will contribute positively to your tomorrow. Let July be the month of completion and perfection and may every desire you aim to fulfil this month be done. Be encouraged; your season will change and all you have lost will come back!

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.