I’m ready to trust You again

Didn’t you trust Him before? Have you come to the place in your life where you just feel like giving up and throwing in the towel? I know how it feels. Our environment makes it ‘look’ easy, but deep down, we know that what always glitters isn’t going to produce fine gold. The plans we’ve set to achieve are somewhat blurred and temporarily blocked due to the positions of our mindsets.

The uncertainty of life isn’t always predicted, and each day we wake up living with “what next, Lord?” The fear that comes when you least expect it makes you want to forfeit the process, not realising that when these unexpected moments of fear and anxiety rage, it is a strong sign that you are near the finishing line.

I don’t know what you are going through, but my encouragement for you today is: TRUST IN HIM. There is absolutely no problem or obstacle that is bigger than God. You won’t be able to solve problems in your own power, so hand it over the the One that has all power in His Hands. Put 100% investment in trusting God because He won’t let you down.

At times, when seasons in your life are silent, that is where He needs your full attention. Don’t shrug, don’t become restless; just be STILL. Breathe in and breathe out. Close your eyes, reflect and meditate. Receive the peace He wants to give you…are you going to take it? The decision is yours.

Let today be the day to trust in God again…you can still dream again, you can still live again, you can still hope again. Your faith should not be mistreated by your feelings. Let go and trust Him. It is your belief and faith that pleases Him.

Make the most of today; until we speak again.

Love Esther
Founder of WWCG and Authentic Worth



There are so many thoughts that run through our minds of confidence in reference to how the status of the economy looks like, whether our businesses will thrive, if there will be a sudden recession, people losing their jobs, mental health issues and isolation. So many thoughts come up to mind.

However, do you know that what you think about is the results that will show forth? For me, I’ve had to adapt to different ways of thinking from discipling my mental ability to think positively, by focusing on what I do have which is the gift of life, a roof over my head, the ability to interact with family and friends and inner peace. During this season, the majority of people have many thoughts of how they will survive and what isn’t going right in their lives, which cause them to be distracted and underproductive.

Remember this: what you focus on, you magnify in your mind and in reality.

I want to give you SEVEN tips on how to be confident during Covid-19:

Tip number one: Always be thankful – no matter what you do not have, there is someone that wants your life. The little you have is a big blessing in the eyes of someone else. Contentment goes a very long way when you start in your humble beginnings.

Tip number two: Write down what you are good at – this is a great way to start bringing out your creativity skills and doing something different. For example, if you like baking and want to try out different desserts and see how many you can make; who knows, this could be a side business for you.

Tip number three: Invest in online education and e-learning. There is a lot that can be done in this season, particularly for those that are working from home or have a business. You can turn these online education sessions into live video calls including Zoom or Teams Microsoft to for further development inviting other people to join.

Tip number four: Don’t think about what you’ve lost – it isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve worked extremely hard to be where you are. For every loss, there is always a greater gain. Be willing to accept it and move on gracefully.

Tip number five: Get to know others virtually and reach out to family and friends – it is important to not only reach out to those you know but make friends with people you don’t know online. Social media is a great platform to do this. Who knows, that person could be an advantage to you in future and vice versa.

Tip number six: Renew your mindset – once Covid-19 is over, don’t think in your old ways. Embrace the changes that come your way and be willing to adapt to new methods and regulations. Be open-minded to what is coming your way and continue to keep that positive attitude at all times.

Tip number seven: Invest in yourself – this is extremely important. Self-care has to be one of the greatest priorities in anyone’s life. When you are good, everything else around you is good. Don’t neglect yourself because of where you are. Take care of your spiritual, mental and emotional space and see how life will get better for you. Be an influential being.

Let these seven tips help you cope during this season and know together we WILL beat Covid-19!

Remember; Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing.


During this pandemic, there have been many thoughts pondering on our minds; will our jobs still be available? can my business flourish despite not having any financial back-up? Will there be opportunities to collaborate with corporations and brands? Am I going to be mentally and emotionally stable? 

Despite all the hardships and pain Covid-19 has caused, just know for every painful situation, it will birth something beautiful that will blow your mind. 

In this season, take time to rest, invest and treat yourself with respect. Don’t rush what this season is teaching you. There are valuable gems hidden in pain and uncertainty. We will get through this! 

Remember; Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing!

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Authentic Worth is “bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing!”

Taking advantage of another person shows insecurity, weakness and lack of self-esteem. I can’t think of times where it felt difficult saying no because people perceived me as too nice, or resulted in being treated differently because as Christians, we are taught to love regardless. However, there is difference between being used and being valued.

Look at life from a bigger scale; where are you currently with emotional intelligence? Are you taking advantage of people’s knowledge and connections for you to run ahead and leave others behind for selfish gain?

If you struggle with people taking advantage of you, then grab something to eat and let’s get started. Being kind to the world can be seen as a weakness, but to the person who knows their worth, kindness is a great strength. Never believe in the opinions of people because they aren’t facts, neither allow people to take your time and energy that you end up being drained.

I’ll be talking about why people take advantage of you, it’s purpose and how to avoid it going forwards using biblical and generic scenarios. 2020 is not the year to play!


Scriptures: Judges 12:1-4

1 Samuel 1 and 2


You are precious, you are valuable, so don’t allow people to take advantage of you!

People cannot attack what they do not know – key secret.


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During this season, I have been thinking a lot about life including my personal relationship with God, my business and where it is heading, my surroundings and those in my life (environment), and the plans for the rest of 2020. I would never think that the entire nation would go through such a great illness caused by the Coronavirus. Despite what is currently happening and the pain, worry and frustration the pandemic is causing, it has given me a different perspective to life! I’ll invite you in…

There will be times where you observe and look at many people talking about what they have achieved, how much money they receive, what brands, organisations and collaborative partnerships they secured, but none of that moves me. In this season, I have learnt to look at what I already have, be thankful and ask God for the WISDOM to multiply and use it for the better of the audience God has entrusted me with.

It is easy to give up on your vision, especially when there is no support or all you are hearing is negativity and complacency. I am extremely humbled for influential Godly and business leaders including TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey and many other great individuals that have been through the fire and have come out on the other side! These people are integral and don’t need to flaunt about what they have; their blessing is in their humility.

I want to use this platform to encourage anyone right now who is feeling demotivated and is on the brink of giving up; perhaps you have lost your job, you have a business that feels stagnant, you are waiting for the next steps in your life, you want to grow and become a better version of yourself, know that there is greatness in you! Whether you believe it or not, no-one will promote what you do more than you. Your support and help truly comes from the Lord. At times, we look to people as a way to find the answer, not knowing that they are also a work in progress. No one has it 100% together. Externally, the view is great, but internally, there are still battles that need to be fought. It is not wise to listen to people who speak, but their actions/results don’t show forth what they say.

I’ve learn that it is best to act than speak. I don’t want to stir up a crowd with ‘pre-promises’ (I made this word up on the spot lol!) to find out that I couldn’t meet a quarter of them. In this season, look in your mirror and analyse at how far you have come. Imagine the times where you cried and worried about your life. Right now, God wants to do something NEW AND FRESH! He does not want you to be hidden for the fear of others not supporting you. No human being will work hard and give you their reward!! Remember this. Your reward is in God and your obedience to Him.

“I strongly assure you, that the first will be last, and the last will be first” – (Matthew 20:16). God knows how to put you in front of great people; don’t write yourself off because others around you are doing well. You are also doing well in your own lane. Cry, yes, let it all come out, but heal going forwards. It is okay to not have it all together. Many people hide their pain by being ‘busy and productive’ but there is a time and season for everything. Above all, do not look down on yourself; when the lies and fearful thoughts come to attack your mind, SPEAK DIRECTLY BACK TO IT! Your words will silence every fear. Breathe in and breathe out. Take life one step at a time.

When people think you are wasting away or trying to silence your success, just know that God in His great power will expose you to greater heights. There are people who deliberately won’t help you because if they do, you will go higher, but when did life become a competition? If people do not want to help you, walk away and seek the One who has all power in His Hands. He controls everything. You are not alone; God IS with you! Be encouraged to know this every day you wake up.

To those that need to remind themselves of their gifts, tune into my latest video about “not sitting on your gifts”. – Proverbs 18:16: “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men!” – refuse to be stagnant; there are great people God will connect you with; just be patient and expect greatness to come. You are great!

Much love,

Esther x

Founder of Authentic Worth



There is no time to live anyhow in these tragic testing seasons we are in. Our words, how we live (our lifestyle) and what we do matters. Time is only in God’s Hands, and that is not to be tampered with. Look at the image above; there are no arrows that indicate what the time is. The life you have now is being controlled by God. Do not take your life for granted. Do something useful with the time you have now. God is watching!

Remember, this is only for a season. It will not be forever. So many of us, including myself can have this natural tendency of feeling fearful for what tomorrow holds. As the rage of the Coronavirus has hit thousands of people worldwide, the attempt to even turn on the news and listen can be daunting. YET, as believers of Christ, we are able to stand firm, knowing that this will pass.

The situations and circumstances we face are not to keep us in the same position we are in. There is a tendency to what to remain complacent and think of this as “oh, we won’t have to do anything” “let’s just plan ahead” “we will make this happen!”, not understanding the plans you decide to make have to be ordained by God. No matter what you want to achieve, if God is not in the centre, it will fail.

Think about this pandemic now. What has caused us to be in such a heavy crises that has caused many loved ones to leave before their time? Why is it now that people are being extremely kind now that Covid-19 has occurred? Have you also noticed that this season, people are taking advantage of others. Five plantains used to be a £1, now three plantains are £1!!! No more dettol, tissues or hand sanitisers anywhere!

People lose faith and they buy so many unnecessary products to either waste them or feed their pride, not believing that this Covid-19 won’t last. So we buy in panic and fear, we make ourselves look good by trying to make more money that may not necessarily help others. My focus right now is: what are you doing with the time you have on your hands now? Are you just ‘waiting’ for Covid-19 to pass you by before you can start living your life?

The time is NOW! There is a strong message that I believe God Himself wants to inform us, but our world has become their own gods, becoming self-righteous and only thinking about what they can get from others. The NHS, on the other hand, are doing a tremendous job in looking after many patients that have been diagnosed with Covid-19. For those that do not suffer or are immune to sickness, this is your opportunity to jump at the top of your voice, sing and praise God for protecting and preserving your life.

Covid-19 is a message for all of us to find out what our purpose on earth is, and fulfil it with a spirit of excellence. Everything we do must reflect the Glory of God. We are not just living for ourselves but those around the world. At times, people may not even know what to say due to the pressure and shock. This is a shock to us, but it is never a shock to God. This calls for us to look deep within our hearts to question our motives and see if there are any hidden agendas in us and change our ways quickly. The Lord has been TOO MERCIFUL TO US, and now is the time we can experience how He feels.

This has shaken the entire world, not even comparing this to Swine Flu or Bird Flu, the Covid-19 has made our eyes open even more to what we can do in this short period of time we have here on earth. If you are breathing and reading this message today, do not take life for granted. You DO have time! We all have 24 hours in a day, so do not waste it. Be intentional about your words, your lifestyle and the impact you want to bring in the lives of others. It will surely go a long way!

Last message: do not take life for granted, and more importantly, do not take God for granted. Believe in Him now that you have the time; don’t put it off because you never know when something like Covid-19 will visit unexpectedly.


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