Your Story Matters: How to Write a Book with Dyslexia Workshop

Your story matters: How to write a book with dyslexia workshop

Join Authentic Worth Publishing and Dyslexic Aspiring Author Elizabeth Takyi (BA Hons PGgcert) as we present our workshop on how to write a book with Dyslexia.

Theme: “Your Story Matters: How to Write a Book with Dyslexia Workshop.”

Your story matters! No matter who you are, remember that you are capable of writing and sharing your story with the community. Authentic Worth Publishing are proud to be collaborating with Dyslexic Aspiring Author, Elizabeth Takyi (BA Hons PGgcert) on the practical steps of how to write and publish a book. We will be discussing the importance of how those with Dyslexia can overcome the mental barriers and prepare them to start writing with one step at a time. We’ve worked with authors that have published books alongside having Dyslexia and will be sharing their experiences and how they overcame it. 

This workshop is for you if you are looking to write a book and share it with the community, develop your writing abilities with ease and confidence, meet like-minded people, connect with local authors, be inspired by the journey of others in business and book writing, and ultimately, networking and building stronger connections with others. 

About Authentic Worth Publishing:

Authentic Worth; Founded in 2018 is a diverse book publishing company dedicated to aspiring authors to share various stories and turn them into published books. We provide on-going support through monthly workshops and seminars virtually/in-person that equip aspiring authors to learn, write with confidence, and gain the knowledge needed in writing their books. Authentic Worth provides a range of self-help books for the benefit of authors to support their writing endeavours and provides tailored book publishing services from proofreading, editing, typesetting and formatting. Authentic Worth supports aspiring authors with learning about the process of writing a book with our bespoke online courses to gain extensive knowledge on the go.

There will be various group activities and opportunities to interact and ask questions relating to your endeavours and how we can support you on writing a book with Dyslexia specifically for business and personal needs. We want you to know how important your book is and being able to share it in the community is the first stage of leaving a remarkable legacy enabling your story to stand out from the rest. 

Registration is now open:

Upon registering, you will receive a Zoom link that will be sent to your email address. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 29th October at 2.00pm prompt!


Using your book to build your brand online workshop

Save the date: Saturday 17th September at 2.00pm.

Calling entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, first-time/aspiring authors and creatives that want to take their book to another level! 

Authentic Worth Publishing is hosting a virtual workshop on Saturday 17th September with the theme: ‘Using your book to build your brand.’ For those who desire to write a book but haven’t yet started or currently in the process of writing a book, at the finishing stages of writing a book or already have a book published and looking to launch and build a brand around their story, this workshop is for you! 

Joining us will be our latest authors:

Sasha Gay Smith – Author of Who’s Knocking and Founder of I am In Me CIC

Sandra Obeng – Author of Encourage Your Best Life and Founder of FearXLess Jewellery Store

Sasha and Sandra will be sharing their individual stories on what inspired them to write their books and how they’ve been able to use it as a valuable asset in their businesses.

We will be discussing the essential tools of using your own book to build your brand and business. There will also be opportunities to meet and connect with our authors and network with like-minded people. Come with your questions and let’s learn and grow together. 

Registration is now available on EventBrite  

See you on Saturday 17th September.

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On behalf of the Women’s Worth Conference Group, Authentic Worth Publishing are so excited to be hosting an online seminar held on Saturday 30th April at 2.00pm with two special speakers; Nkechi Ugbade; Founder of FW|MADE STORE and Author Sandra Obeng; Founder of FearxLess jewellery company.

Authentic Worth Publishing is not only about writing and publishing books, but sharing different stories of people from walks of life to transparently share their stories in ways that inspire others to do the same. We want to take you on a journey of building your own self-confidence and personal development in 2022 and beyond. In the meantime, read our recent testimonials from previous seminars below: 

“I just want to express how good the Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development seminar was on Saturday 14th March. It was completely mind blowing! The way Esther delivered the session was sensational. Her knowledge and expertise in this area was exceptional. Not only did I get a better understanding, but the value received was beyond measure. I have clear take-a-ways and actions that I can implement immediately. I cannot wait for the next session as the quality is superb.” – Des Amey.

“Being someone who attends a lot of personal development events, it can be difficult sometimes to see what value an event can bring to you. Saying this, I still attended the Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development event on Saturday 14th March with an open mind, hoping to get information to help with my personal development. I was so surprised by how good this event was compared to others. I learnt so much about myself and how to enjoy the journey. The level of positive energy was incredible, and most importantly, Esther and the other speakers were so inspiring, reminding us that we are capable of literally achieving anything we set our minds to. Will highly recommend!” – Ola Atoba. 

“The Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development workshop on Saturday 14th March was yet another great event. As someone who has attended many of Esther’s events, I can honestly say her events seem to be getting better and better. The guest speakers were amazing and I loved the transparency and openness of each of the speakers, including Esther. It was a very thought-provoking, inspiring and encouraging event. I highly recommend this event to everyone as there is always room for all of us to build on our personal development/confidence regardless of how successful we may be. This event encouraged/reminded me that in order to reach the optimal level of growth, I need to step outside of my comfort zone. Congrats to Esther on another great event!” – Josephine Asuquo.

What do you know about the word confidence? Many people describe it in various contexts, however, at Authentic Worth Publishing, we want to remind you of the importance on building and investing in your own journey of confidence and personal development. We are intentional about investing in building confidence in businesses, corporate work, independent lifestyle, creativity, full time entrepreneurship, being the best version of yourself and much more! 

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact during the entire session, so ensure that you have your questions ready. This seminar isn’t to be missed! It’s going to be fun, exciting, full of wisdom and interactive networking.

Tickets are limited so ensure that you register to build your self-confidence and personal development on EventBrite here:

To be held: on Zoom – the Zoom link will be sent via email two days prior to the commencement on the seminar. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 30th April at 2.00pm prompt!


If you’ve published a book, you need to add value to it by having a launch! Authentic Worth will teach you how to prepare effectively! 

As a multi-published author of five books, I always get excited when books are published and finally in the hands of many readers. What gives books a special touch is when you plan an effective book launch to celebrate and attract other readers with the right strategy to be intrigued on the author’s story and their inspiration behind writing it. 

There are many aspiring authors, first time-authors, self-published authors, indie-authors and even Authorprenuers who has what it takes to expand their target reach and cater to new and fresh audiences who are eager to know more about the journey of a writer, and how books bring a unique aura to their communities. For this reason, Authentic Worth is hosting their first online event in 2022 on ‘How to prepare for a book launch.’

‘Even if you are in the middle-stages of writing your manuscript, you need accountable support on the journey’

It doesn’t matter what position you are in, whether you have published a book and the recognition isn’t yet valued, and you want to see growth in sales and influential impact of lives, or you desire to connect with other like-minded authors and have clarity, this online event is for you! We are passionate about helping authors build confidence in writing their books. Every book has their preferred niche and the services that are required to make them successful, from knowing the vision of your book, to hiring specific services to fulfil that vision. 

There will be book launch ‘top tips’ for each author that we will tailor to their launches’ needs. It’s a new season and NOW is the time to increase your knowledge in planning for your launch that will be a memorable one. Whether you decide to have a face-to-face or virtual book launch, Authentic Worth is able to provide for your specific needs on Saturday 29th January 2022 at 14.00pm. 

We are open to authors who have powerful stories to share, and we want you to come with an open mind, being determined and positioned to see your book prosper and grow in 2022. Remember, what you focus on, you magnify, so come on Saturday 29th January where Authentic Worth will go through key strategies on your book launch, for it will only work if WE work it together.

There will also be an opportunity to work with Authentic Worth on a 1-2-1 basis to prepare for your book launch celebration. For more information on our book launch package services, email

Register on EventBrite today for further information and we look forward to seeing you this month:

Remember: Come with your questions and let’s get you ready to celebrate the launching of your book in 2022!


Building Confidence after a lockdown – in partnership with the British Library

Before greatness comes, it starts with nurturing and developing your character, and in turn can help you build back confidence after a pandemic. 

Authentic Worth in partnership with The British Library and Business &  IP Centre are hosting a free online workshop on Friday 20th August at 14.00pm to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs build confidence in business and their personal endeavours whilst turning their gifts into valuable resources. 

Esther Jacob’s new book; Confident Face is set to help you find purpose, understand your gifts and build confidence to ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience. 

To the aspiring, existing and established creatives, individuals and entrepreneurs, this event is catered for you. 

Register today on EventBrite to reserve your ticket here

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