How is progress made?

It would be easy to have everything in life go the way you’d plan isn’t it? The long wait can be tedious and frustrating at times, but it’s in those seasons that we learn how to progress gradually. There are key lessons that won’t always be learnt by going through the short-cut route. Sure, you may have been waiting a very long time to see certain situations change in your favour, but it will take so much grace and consistency to keep going. Your life is the responsibility of how you handle the obstacles that try to come your way, disturbing you from being your best self.

Progress is a gradual pattern – it doesn’t happen in a day, neither does it happen in a few weeks. The progress I am referring to today is the action we take and don’t always see results quickly. It’s the progress that tempts you to feel you aren’t good enough, however, your spirit tells you to keep pressing. It’s the progress when you are still endeavouring to build an empire to inspire nations, but needs further support and assistance. Progress takes time. The world and society should not make you feel you are out of alignment. You are where you are because of the decisions that have been made. You can choose to progress gradually and wait patiently for the harvest to come. There should not be any feeling of inadequacy or doubt in you, that you may or may not be able to achieve something.

Pressure is truly on every side, however, how you choose to respond shows a lot about the character you portray and the maturity levels you have within. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are willing to bring out the best in you, and how you too, will add value into the lives of others. Life has to be a win-win situation. It is not one person wins and the other person loses. You are ultimately responsible for the life you desire to live, and each day will gradually take you to the place that you need to progress on. So, don’t doubt what is happening right now in your life. Even if you can’t see what is happening, it doesn’t mean you aren’t achieving anything. It’s those seeds that have been put in the ground that cause a great harvest to appear. Remember that even in quiet moments, progress is made. Take it easy and remember that your life will get better as long as you take each day as it comes. It is well with you – you ARE making progress, because you are a work-in-progress!

Yours Truly,

Women’s Worth Conference Group


As I was checking my emails, I noticed on Yahoo that “lockdown could cause over 70,000 excess deaths”. If I am honest with you, the minute someone reads this may cause one to wonder in fear, thinking about what ‘could’ happen, and use their own strength to protect themselves. No matter what kind of news goes on, we need to be reminded that God has the final say.

It can be very uncomfortable to assume that what is shown on the Internet or spoken of in the news is final. There is no greater Source than the One that knows the end from the beginning. To add on this, the millennial generation needs our deepest support. Mentally, they are battling with many problems that not everyone will know of. The fear of being ‘left behind’ or not appreciated will cause them doing things that they did not have in mind to do initially, all because they want to ‘belong’.

Do not allow society, the news or what you hear to shake you. Information will always come and go, but God remains constant. Let this be a word of encouragement to you. I have written a book about The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset which has impacted many people during the pandemic. We must ensure that our mindsets are always taken care of, what we allow in our ears and what we say with our words.

There is no need to be loyal to negativity; you have every right to speak LIFE into every situation. Who told you that you aren’t going to make it? Where are these lies coming from? Even when you feel alone, God’s Presence is right there comforting and strengthening you. Do not allow news or other people’s perceptions of you to change who you are. Keep working on yourself and embracing each lesson the days teach you.

As an author of four books, I exude and bring about change with my gifting of storytelling and writing. I want every person reading my blog posts or who are connected to me via social media to know how valuable they are. You must know what you carry within. Stand in integrity, be positive, be consistent and leave a legacy every day that you have on earth. You have got such a great future ahead of you, so don’t allow the negative hype to deter you from it.

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