As 2019 is coming to an end, I wanted to give all creative writers and aspiring Authors the opportunity of learning about the process in writing a book. We had our fourth workshop on Saturday 14th December 2019 and wanted to give those an opportunity for those that weren’t able to attend a taster of what happened that day. 2020 is looking extremely bright for aspiring Authors, so if you are looking to get your book published, stay in touch with our socials for further information:


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Writing has been a passion since 2012 in my second year of university. I was advised by a dear friend to start journalling each night before I went to bed. Since then, I have carried on this momentum and have used it to launch my online blog in 2014. I then transitioned to launching my own company Authentic Worth in 2018 ( We provide publishing services for aspiring Authors and. I have also been able to write three books of my own.

As a multi-published Author, my desire is to see people win in their personal and professional endeavours through storytelling and creative writing.

For this reason, Authentic Worth will be having its last event of the year on Saturday 14th December 2019. Our theme is: Authors of our Generation. Our clients will be talking about their journey of what inspired them to write their books and how Authentic Worth has benefitted them in their writing career. We have had previous workshops and book launches that have benefitted many people. Check our testimonials here.

Tickets are now available on EventBrite to register here. We have a lot of activities on the day ranging from prize give-a-ways, Q&A, panel sessions, light snacks and so much more!

Leaving a strong legacy is what Authentic Worth stands for and we will continue to inspire and impact many people on a local and global scale. Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling, inspiration and lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th December 2019!

Dedicated to aspiring Authors – “you do not have to overthink it, just write it!”


Authentic Worth presents the last event of the year: Authors of Our Generation

Throughout 2019, we have worked with several people, supporting aspiring and self-published Authors in writing their books. For this reason, we have decided to grant them an opportunity to talk about their books and what inspired them to write on Saturday 14th December 2019.

On the day, there will be various activities, prize give-a-ways, book signings, networking and Q&A sessions where everyone will get an opportunity to contribute and learn about the process of writing a book.

Tickets for the event is now available and can be reserved here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

We look forward to seeing you there; be prepared to learn and take notes.

Let the ending of 2019 position you in writing and completing your book in 2020!



Authentic Worth presents: “Writers and Authors of our generation” for creative and first-time aspiring, self-published Authors.

It has been an honour to support aspiring Authors in their writing career(s) and how far they have come. Writing a book takes full concentration, resilience and strength. For this reason, Authentic Worth has decided to team up with our clients who have published their book with us, and we want to give them an opportunity to showcase their books, allowing them to speak about what inspired them to write, what they learnt during the process and in particular, promote their work.

Every Author has a different writing style; how you write a book may not be the same as another person. As an Author of three books, I desire to see those who have worked with Authentic Worth to have a platform in sharing their story. When you have written a book, it is for the purpose of others. I encourage those who have a desire to write a book not to delay. Start with workshops, online courses, and being around existing Authors who are willing to help in your writing journey.

If you have been to our previous events and workshops you would know how useful it has been to many people whose first time is in writing a book. Highlighted feedback from attendees from our previous events and workshops (can also be found on the website.

“I attended the Advanced Book Workshop and Advanced Professional Singers Workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was interesting to experience how both these workshops were not incompatible because of the way Esther weaved them together seamlessly. It was further interesting how the content of the book workshop was planned to make sure that attendees’ experiences were an integral part of the day, and I left feeling that my attendance was well worth it because I came away with tools that I could put to good use in my book journey. I was very impressed by the way in which Esther seek to engage with her audience and served us to a very highly personal standard. It was a very worthwhile experience for me. Thank you”. Esther. (Veronica King, Sept 2019)

“I am glad to have taken the decision to attend Esther’s book workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed, learned and met very nice people. I found the class to be informative, creative and gave me loads of ideas on how to put pen to paper and write a book. We had fun with the team building activities. I would recommend being present at the next workshop trust me you will never regret it. Thanks Esther, you are a Star. Well done!” (Kellee Taiwo, Sept 2019)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday 21st September 2019! Was a great pleasure to be a part of the warm up section on the day! I met some incredible people and learned so many practical skills. Despite not being an aspiring author (I’m a music artist) I noticed that many of the principals involved in book writing are the same, when it comes to releasing music. Even if you are not looking to write a book, I would STILL advise you to attend one of Esther’s workshops! You’ll certainly learn some transferrable skills that you can apply or implement in your own life or business” (Joash Scott, Sept 2019)

In particular, we will be giving an opportunity for everyone that is interested in writing a book to ask questions, interact and network.

Light refreshments will be provided.

You can sign up HERE

The itinerary is as follows:
– Introduction
– Ice-breaker
– Group activity
– Presentation by Esther Jacob
– Short break
– Our Newest Authors
– Panel Session Inc. Q&A
– Prize give-a-way(s)
– Second session by Esther Jacob
– Q&A session
– Closing and Networking

We have three wonderful panellists that will be talking about their books:
Author Kita Baptiste – From Darkness to Light
Author Rosemary Godwin-Ese – Lord, is this the relationship for me?
Author Harpreet Kaur – Rescue – One love for animals

Early bird tickets: £15.00 (starts on Tuesday 22nd October to Sunday 10th November)
Standard tickets: £20.00 (starts on Monday 11th November to Saturday 14th December)

Venue details: Jury’s Inn Croydon, Wellesley Road, Croydon CR0 9XY

Directions: Nearest Tram Station(s): George Street

Nearest Train Station(s) East or West Croydon

Buses: 50, 75 and 468 to get off at “St Mary’s Church/West Croydon”


PLEASE NOTE: Ensure you arrive to the venue on time as security is strict on lateness!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th December at 11.00am prompt.

Esther Jacob
Founder of Authentic Worth
Instagram: authenticworth
Facebook: Authentic Worth


Words can’t express how humbled, thankful and ecstatic I am to see the growth of Authentic Worth. Founded in October 2018, it was a website. A year later, it has transitioned into conducting several workshops for aspiring self-published Authors, providing publishing services for manuscripts and online course(s) teaching on the fundamental aspects of writing a book.

We wanted to give Authentic Worth a twist so we invited two professional solo artists Nike (adenike_music) and Joash (joashscott) to give our attendees a different perspective into the workshop. The vision was to make it very fun, interactive and engaging involving the body, mind and soul. We wanted to create a new twist and provide something different to which the audience enjoyed a lot!

Being split into three teams: Soprano, Alto and Tenor, our professional artists gracefully performed with a singing activity also known as “call and response – how are you today?” – which not only got them engaged but demanded another opportunity to have another singing activity! We are impressed!!


Below are several feedback(s) from the workshop on Saturday 21st September 2019:


“A well-planned workshop to unlock the barriers that are keeping them from writing their first book. Each section of the day was well thought out including the warm-ups”.Lillian O (Podcast) 


“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday 21st September 2019! Was a great pleasure to be a part of the warm up section on the day! I met some incredible people, and learned so many practical skills. Despite not being an aspiring author (I’m a music artist) I noticed that many of the principles involved in book writing are the same, when it comes to releasing music. Even if you are not looking to write a book, I would STILL advise you to attend one of Esther’s workshops! You’ll certainly learn some transferrable skills that you can apply or implement in your own life or business”.Joash Scott (Solo Artist) 


“The workshop was amazing, it was an eye opener and also informative. The event was well organised, I really enjoyed it and also made new friends. I will recommend this event to anyone who is planning or wish to write a book”. – Vivianne Duah Odei (Radio Podcast) 


“On Saturday 21st September I attended Esther’s book workshop at Catford. I was really inspired to meet new people, the information, group tasks and speakers too. I was really honoured that I attended on Saturday. The information was in depth and Esther did exceedingly well in giving a direct clear message which she always does at all of her events and workshops. You expanded well in speaking about all your three books that you wrote so far. What really touched me the most was out of all your three books, From Glory to Glory was the most powerful book you have written, and gave a clear message to the audience when you spoke about it. Well done to you girl. Thank you and a biggggggggg massive thank you for doing the workshop. You deserve all the success and more blessings to come to you too!” – Maria Agbarha 


The content from Authentic Worth and our guest speaker Samuel (wegrounded) on book covers, we provided the audience a deeper-insight and understanding into publishing a book using our own lives, imagination and circumstances. We listened to videos including JK Rowling learning about her resilience in achieving a book publishing deal, to the late Author Toni Morrison who passed away in August 2019, leaving a lasting legacy to women of colour.

In particular I spoke about what inspired me to write in 2012 through my journal, and being informed I would be inspiring young women in the future. I used my journal and online blog to inspire me to start writing a book and how I carried on the journey of my writing career. We split into teams and informed the audience to talk about what their book would ideally be about and when they would like to get it published (accountability is key!)

Authentic Worth will be having upcoming workshops and events so stay updated with our social platforms on Instagram and Facebook

Remember, you have what it takes to write a book; your life is a story that isn’t to be hidden.

If you would like to learn how to write a book, why not start with the Authentic Worth online course? It teaches the fundamental steps on how to start and gives you practical examples and quizzes for extra support.

Finished your manuscript and want it proofread and edited? Take advantage of Authentic Worth’s publishing services and see how we can transform your work into a book.

Details of my written books can be found here

Remember, Authentic Worth is bringing worth back in to you!


Much love,

EstherFounder of WWCG and Authentic Worth