“The pain you go through isn’t for you to keep it in; it is an opportunity to bring hope and restoration to the broken”

I am humbled to partner with Perazim Magazine. I’ve been able to selflessly share my story of how 2018 changed the trajectory of my life, what I’m currently doing and the impact God has given me in the lives of others to inspire and encourage through storytelling and book-writing through my business Authentic Worth.

When there is a vision, God will make the provision. I’m still on my way to greatness and I know that what God has started, He will surely complete it in my life. It doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning and I look forward to every promise being fulfilled – the future is looking bright!

My name is Queen – born for such a time as this (Esther 4:14🌹). I’m not ashamed of my story; it makes me who I am. @perazimmagazine Spring edition Issue XI is out now. To get your copy in print and digital and read many other inspirational stories, grab yours here!

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Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book writing!

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Words are not enough to express how humbled Authentic Worth are on their first workshop of the year: BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!

We are extremely grateful for all that has happened! Thank you to all that attended and for those who supported in various ways; we salute you all. Thank you to our profound speakers Des Amey and Nkechi for their boldness in sharing how they gained confidence in their fields. Don’t miss the next workshop!!

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“Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing!”


Authentic Worth are excited to announce their first workshop of the year themed: BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT! We are nearly sold out, so if you still don’t have your ticket, be sure to sign up here!

Our speakers are excited and charged up to share a lot with you, so be sure to secure Saturday 14th March in your diaries!

If you want to be the best version of yourself this year, you’ll have to make sacrifices and do things that you aren’t used to. If you want to see change, you have to be open to change. You have a responsibility for how your life is. There are no short-cuts to building self-confidence and personal development. You have be intentional about and want to improve daily.

You still have an opportunity to come and listen, interact, network, have fun, win prizes, and importantly see yourself on a higher level. Don’t come with any self-limiting beliefs. Authentic Worth does not and won’t entertain that behaviour. We are here to bring out the best in you, so take action and be ready to learn and DO BETTER!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th March at 12.00pm!

Authentic Worth


Authentic Worth presents “Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development”.

Although we are passionate about Authors writing their first books, we also desire to see each individual increase their confidence and develop themselves in this new decade. From personal to professional speakers, we shall be interacting, socialising and more importantly, developing our confidence as we continue our journeys in life. Confidence and personal development aren’t built in a day; it is a lifetime gift that is consistency worked on. Don’t miss this event! Work on yourself daily, invest in you, and hear how we can inspire you to be your best selves!

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