We are now in the sixth month of 2021. So far, what has 2021 taught you? How can you use this month to push you closer to your purpose, goals and aspirations? What disciplined strategies are you going to use to help you become better? It is important that as we have each day to live, we are utilising every skill we have, not underestimating what we can do.

Whether we have all the resources or tools is not the answer. The question us: do you know how valuable you are and what you currently have within you? It is easy to look outwardly for answers or support, which isn’t always a bad move, however, once you set in your mind that you won’t look down on the gifts that you have, I strongly guarantee that they will make room for you.

Notice how those who have less than you end up doing more with what they have because of their mindset. They train themselves to not entertain doubt, fear or anxiety and end up working wisely with their current assets, being able to multiply them for the benefit of others. At times, all we need is that one person or a group of genuine people to see the value in you and bring it out. Don’t wait too long, however. Your gift is expensive and people will invest time and money into it because they know it will bring about great value and change.

So I ask again, what are you doing with what you have? Don’t hide your gifts; we are in a massive world with many people that are yet to discover you. Don’t give up; your gifts will make room for you.

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

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