Why sisterhood and womanhood matters

Women are a gift – there is beauty in being whole, but there is greater beauty in being able to share strengths and weaknesses to our sisters and those we classify as spiritual mothers, daughters and nieces. The importance of sisterhood and womanhood matters. When we come together and create such a profound legacy of building one another, we gradually extend and impact the lives of those around us.

You matter as a woman; no matter what, it takes consistency to keep going in every season. Your input, your expertise, your lifestyle, your unique beauty, the way you carry yourself impacts those around you. Sisterhood and womanhood are vital – there is a lot that can be achieved when we come together in unity and oneness. The greater the unity, the greater the impact, and in turn, the greater the legacy to those who are watching knowingly and unknowingly.

When you identify your strengths, you can build up on your sister’s strength as well. It takes great focus to be consistent. Sisterhood and womanhood is needed more than ever. Let’s not neglect one another and assume we can do it without others. Although, there are times where we need to be alone for strength and renewal, however, isolating yourself from others isn’t health. The purpose of your existence is to serve others. There is deep joy in being able to help your fellow women and eventually see the rewards. Your sister may not always speak; they may not always feel confident in sharing what they are going through, but as a good sister, you can listen attentively and speak an encouraging word over their life.

Our community needs each other, and how you carry yourself attracts the right people into your life. So, I say today that sisterhood and womanhood matters. Put the crown back on your fellow sister’s head. Help her up when she is down and see how impactful it will be for you in the long run. Check up on your strong sisters; there is only so much one can go through. Above all, remember to add value and bring worth back into your sisters. It will surely pay off!

Yours truly,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.