Easter – a season of thanksgiving, peace and tranquility

Easter is beautiful; there is joy, peace, sacrifice, and love from the One that sent His Son to take our place. Easter is a time to reflect, to ponder and to be thankful for the life that we have. To nurture it each and every day of our lives. To share love and show kindness to one another.

What does Easter mean to you?

How have you impacted someone else’s life this Easter season?

A time to be thankful is not enough to express the importance of it; it’s more of a lifestyle. What are you truly thankful for right now? This is our second Easter season during a pandemic; some have left us, others are still present and living well. More so, some are still endeavouring to survive.

To those who have good health and wakes up daily without no pain, what are you thankful for during this season? It shouldn’t be a season to glimpse at and go back to your old ways. Easter should transform you to think about the unconditional love of Christ, and the sacrifice that He gave. It’s His love that inspires us to give more in a world full of uncertainty.

This short, yet brief blogpost is to remind you of the great love and sacrifice Easter has given us all. Let Easter be the opportunity to share love, kindness and above all, to sacrifice to those you know, and for those who you are yet to know. It’s love that brings greater strength and unity in our society and towards each other.

Easter – a season of thanksgiving, peace and tranquility

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