It has been Authentic Worth Publishing’s pleasure, not only in running workshops and online seminars, but the opportunity to see people transform their stories into inspirational books that help others to know that their story can be publicised and make an impact. 

If you attended our first event of the year in January 2021, you would know how much Authentic Worth Publishing are intentional about every aspiring author that would like to turn their story into a practical and effective book. 

For this reason, we have strategised and planned how we can help aspiring authors and creatives alike to learn about the process of writing a book for beginners. 

There is a lot to cover when it comes to writing a book, and the best way to start learning is by investing in workshops and online courses. 

@authenticworth Publishing offers practical advice, tips and ways that we help engage our authors to know about their why (purpose) behind writing a book, and the impact it will make in the lives of those who read it. 

Don’t miss this online seminar! Book your place today in our bio and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 27th February at 14.00pm prompt!📚🖊

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