At Authentic Worth, we are not only passionate about birthing and publishing books; we are also intentional about the story our authors have to share with the world. We have been extremely humbled throughout the duration of 2020, having seven online seminars and one face-to-face workshop, despite a pandemic. We want to express our gratitude to our authors of 2020:

Author Paul Rowbotham – Rage
Author Sheryl Sebastiao – The Property Process
Author Matilda Ese – Diets Don’t Work
Author Syreene Murrain – A Cry Within 
Author Hana Abreham – Princess Lwam of Habesha Kingdom

We are very grateful for these profound authors who showcased their books at the Authors of our Generation event last Saturday which turned out extremely well! Take a look at a few testimonials from our attendees:

“The Authors of our Generation event on Saturday 12th December 2020 was so informative, and hearing the authors own stories and experiences that influenced and was shared through their books was so powerful. The event was packed with great information! It was very interactive and fun! Thank you Esther, throughly enjoyed it!” – Author Sheryl Sebastiao.

“I attended Authentic Worth’s workshop conference and I have come away from it learning more about the publishing process. Thank you to Esther and all involved for a wonderful event. It was so enlightening and the guest authors who attended are amazing inspirations!” – Amy Hawkes.