It has been an honour to support our aspiring authors in their writing journey and how far they have come. Writing a book takes full concentration, resilience and strength. For this reason, we are teaming up with our clients who have published their book under the Authentic Worth brand, and want to give them an opportunity to showcase their books, allowing them to speak about what inspired them to write, what they learnt during the process, and in particular, promote their work.

Every author has a different writing style; how you write a book may not be the same as another person. As an author of four books, my desire is to stand with those who have worked with Authentic Worth and share the platform in sharing their story. When you write a book, it is for the purpose of others. I encourage those who have a desire to write a book to not procrastinate. Start with attending workshops, enrolling on online courses and being around existing authors that are willing to help in your writing journey.

We look forward to seeing you online on Saturday 12th December at 14.00pm prompt.

Register today on EventBrite for your early bird ticket!

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