It is possible to write a book, but it depends on YOU! You are in control of every thought that penetrates your mind. As an author of four books, I am extremely determined to ensure that not only does my business Authentic Worth grow and become a successful book publishing company, but to invest and bring worth back into aspiring authors who may not have the confidence and ability to write and publish a book.

I know how it felt to write my first book with minimal guidance, however, I took the initiative and started doing research, positioning myself mentally, financially and emotionally to invest in the process of writing and ultimately create a business that supports, coaches and inspires authors to write books that will benefit and impact society.

Check my recent YouTube video on my latest book: The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset book and the different options included. The book is now in both paperback and hardback! On that note, a massive thank you to those who attended our virtual book launch on Sunday 27th September 2020!

To obtain a signed copy of The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset, check the website here