From the feedback given at Authentic Worth’s online masterclass session IN July 2020 on how to write a book during Covid-19, we have decided to run another online seminar on what it takes to run a business.

I want YOU to understand how valuable you are in society and utilise your gifts effectively. Life and pressure has taught one to succeed without applying the theory and knowledge in what it takes to run a business. It takes work. It is an investment that will benefit you when surrounded with the right people and adopting the right mindset.

Whether you have started a business, failed or want to try again, this online seminar is for you! Don’t miss out! We will also be having a guest speaker, Director of Amey Finance Academy and Entrepreneur; Des Amey who will be talking about his business and much more!🔥

On that note, have you checked our recent testimonials on our masterclass last weekend? If not, check them here

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