Unity is what we need #WeAllMatter

Unity – it brings peace, joy and a sound mind. What is missing in our world today is the ability to relate to one another on a 1-2-1. To be honest and take off the masks that slowly strip us. To be vulnerable because the beauty is in the honesty. Doing everything in your own strength will leave you drained.

Our world is crying out for help. Who to trust and where to go to? How can we see change in our community. When racism screams loud, we only need one change to make all the difference. To humble ourselves and remind us that it’s not about the colour of our skin, but the ability to agree and move together.

It’s being truthful with how you feel, exposing and speaking about past mistakes and traumas that cause the mind to be at ease. Our world needs you. We need each other in order to grow and succeed. Not everyone will understand, but for those who do, what difference can you make in the community? You don’t need to carry every problem by yourself.

We need to intercede for leaders all over the world. They need the right support system. A firm, yet unified team that will bring an end to the calamity the world has. Unity has to be for everyone. We will not be silent. There has to be structure, order and patience. Each day does get better. No two days are the same. We grow in maturity and elevation as we communicate and open up. Yes, be honest and brutal, but once it’s all out of your system, be prepared to adjust and change.

Confront harsh mistreatments in wisdom. Let love be your greatest medicine to a world full of rage and bitterness. Unity is what we need. Every one of us matters. No matter the colour of your skin, you are important. The hype is a lot. We are not creating diversity, we are creating unity. Would you care to join?

Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing!

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