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In today’s video, I’ll be giving tips on how to stay productive during quarantine season as it has been highly recommended:

  1. Deepen your relationship with God
  2. Read motivational books
  3. Partake in online courses
  4. Work on your own business
  5. Do weekly facials – take care of your skin
  6. Partake in cardio and outside jogging
  7. Create storage space on your computer
  8. Do live videos on social media
  9. Take rest
  10. Tune into Gospel music
  11. Continue with the book you’ve put off for some time
  12. Check up on family members and friends
  13. Maintain your natural hair
  14. Be thankful for what you have and where you are
  15. Be expectant for a great future!
  16. Listen to sermons and inspirational videos


On a good note, Authentic Worth is giving away up to 20% off bespoke publishing services, online courses, and free resources for the whole month of April which includes:

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For any of the above offers email

Stay safe in this season and remain positive always!


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