Wow…2019! Hmmmm!! I remember coming back from crossover service on January 1st around 3.15am, I was super excited! My first meal that morning was Indomie lol! I tried finding a shop to buy a little take-a-way but to no avail! Everywhere was closed. Fast forward now and we are at the ending of December 2019! What a year it has been!

For me, I can honestly say 2019 has been a year of stretching, great strength, risks, fear, consistent faith, tears, but overall; perseverance. I remember starting the new year with five events I desired to achieve, and out of five, four came to fruition! I am patiently awaiting my fifth event which will be announced in due course.

2019 has taught me that time waits for nobody, and the time I had on my hands is up to me. I am very responsible for my life, what I do with my money, who I speak to, how I conduct myself, how I respond to others, and more importantly how healthy my body is internally and externally. I have enjoyed the travelling aspects of being able to go to Brussels, Valencia, Dubai and Paris – it’s all about flexibility!!!

2019 has truly made me wiser, stronger and better. I have had days where it felt like stagnation was my comfort zone; it felt like nothing was really going the way I planned, but realised it really was going the right way, just not in the way I expected. Every prayer point was met in 2019, some, still on the brink of being birthed.

The four events I had this year was outstanding which you will find them on my YouTube channel. The amount of opportunities I had to share the vision of Authentic Worth, promoting my books at several WHSmithh stores in London, speaking engagements, being featured on BEN TV, speaking at a local school about publishing and book-writing would have not been possible had I stayed in my comfort zone and not embraced what was coming my way.

2019 stretched my FAITH to the fullest; I had to make decisions and not look back, although at times this was difficult, as backwards felt better when I was in a season of doubt (this is me being super real!) If I tell you out of 10 how I would rate 2019, I would give it a 9/10! What would make it 10/10 is drawing more closer and deeper to God, not to say that I was away from God, but I could be much closer; it’s not everyday giving God a list and expecting Him to answer. At times, He wants me to be still and listen and not think so much…

I am a perfectionist and a very detailed individual that wants things to be in order, but realised that life won’t always be that way and that is fine 🙂

God was the one keeping me throughout 2019; He was the one wiping my tears when I felt so behind; He was the One providing for me each month when I least expected it. He was the One fighting every spiritual and physical battle on my behalf when I am awake and sleeping. He will continue to be the One who will see each and every one of us in 2020. He will continue being Faithful and show His children His unconditional love.

He protected me from counterfeits and people that ‘pretended’ to be for me, when their true intentions was to lift themselves up. The discernment in 2019 has doubled drastically, and I am no more succumbing to the ways that people or society want me to operate. I am my own self; a queen, an influential speaker, a multi-published Author, a change-breaker!

2019 taught me how to love myself, to look after my mindset, to consistently be there for other people but not at the expense of burning out. 2019 has taught me how to say no without justifying myself. It has toughened me up and I am looking forward to keeping this momentum up in 2020. Remember; some Nos are blessing in disguise including rejection!

Overall, I am here to say whatever your 2019 exposed you with; it could be a loss of a loved one, friendship issues, relationship breakups, engagement, wedding, your first house; no matter what 2019 has or hasn’t done for you, there is something that you CAN be thankful for. I’ll give you one: LIFE! For you to read this blog post, you don’t know how blessed you are. 2019 has taught me about the importance of life and the air we breathe. We are aware that many have passed away which is something we can’t control, but thank God He has kept us who are alive and well today.

My encouragement to you today is to BE EXPECTANT for what 2020 is going to bring. Be prepared for the challenges that WILL come. This is a topic not a lot of people want to hear but you can’t be oblivious to it. There is no year that does not have any challenges! Please do not only prepare for the good, but be prepared for what may or may not happen. Regardless, do not lose your HOPE, your FAITH, your POSITIVITY and your INTEGRITY. No matter what 2020 will bring, if you have your FAITH and stick to it, you will conquer anything!

2020 would not be possible if I do not put God first (Matthew 6:33). I am not starting 2020 without Him because I did not start without Him in 2019. I want each reader to be encouraged that the delay, the frustrations, the silent struggles, the internal pain, the worry, the loneliness, and the fear will all go! You will rise back up again; you will be in positions of leadership. People who don’t even know you will invite you to speak because you stayed true to yourself!

2019 taught me to be my authentic self! And that is who I have been up till now. I will not and refuse to be like anyone else or be what they want me to be. I am inspired by many around me, but I wear my crown like the Queen I am and keep moving because my desire and life is not about me; it is about building many generations to come.

2019; I salute you! You have been a year full of unexpected blessings, and silent tears, but more importantly; you have made me a better woman. Thank you for all you have taught me and what I have achieved thus far. I look forward to embracing 2020 with open arms! WE ARE GOING INTO A NEW DECADE!

I am deeply expectant for what is to come in 2020 and I hope you are all too.

Happy New Year in advance everyone! Make it a productive one!

Love Esther
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