Writing has been a passion since 2012 in my second year of university. I was advised by a dear friend to start journalling each night before I went to bed. Since then, I have carried on this momentum and have used it to launch my online blog in 2014. I then transitioned to launching my own company Authentic Worth in 2018 ( We provide publishing services for aspiring Authors and. I have also been able to write three books of my own.

As a multi-published Author, my desire is to see people win in their personal and professional endeavours through storytelling and creative writing.

For this reason, Authentic Worth will be having its last event of the year on Saturday 14th December 2019. Our theme is: Authors of our Generation. Our clients will be talking about their journey of what inspired them to write their books and how Authentic Worth has benefitted them in their writing career. We have had previous workshops and book launches that have benefitted many people. Check our testimonials here.

Tickets are now available on EventBrite to register here. We have a lot of activities on the day ranging from prize give-a-ways, Q&A, panel sessions, light snacks and so much more!

Leaving a strong legacy is what Authentic Worth stands for and we will continue to inspire and impact many people on a local and global scale. Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling, inspiration and lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th December 2019!

Dedicated to aspiring Authors – “you do not have to overthink it, just write it!”

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