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What is the difference between the SOURCE and the RESOURCE?:


SOURCE are the places from where we got it or the way to use it

RESOURCES are the things which we have gotten or going to use


To explain further:

God truly does not want man to take any Glory for what He has created. Remember that God is the ‘Source’; people are the ‘resource’. There is a difference. He created people; yes we are all valuable, but the problem is when we start to look up and depend on people for answers and provision. When you want answers, do you apply Matthew 6:33 before you talk to that person, or do you speak to people first then call on God later?


Be rest assured that God knows every need, even the ones you seem are not important. Sometimes God will reject your plans to keep you humble and dependent only on Him. Resources aren’t bad, but when we depend on it more than the Source, that is when answers seem difficult to understand. God has all you need so don’t try and figure it out yourself. Whatever is yours, is yours and will come in His time including the resources.

Your primary source must be first; in other words this is your priority. Your priorities must be in alignment and in order, for the resources to natural take its place. Don’t confuse the source with the resources.