As we are approaching the ending of April 2019, what has the month taught you? Between Tuesday 01st January till present, what have you learnt in these few quarters of 2019? What do you want to see change in May 2019?

I remember going into 2019 writing down my goals of what I want to achieve; particularly in serving the wider community in identifying their purpose and calling. We all have something we can offer the world, with our struggles, our personal circumstances and even our past faults. Every one you meet has a purpose in your life. You don’t have to write yourself or other people off.

For this reason, Authentic Worth will be launching its first online masterclass course starting on Wednesday 01st May 2019 for aspiring Authors who are looking to utilise their gifts in writing a book. It has been on high demand to share stories and vision to support others that have a desire to succeed.

For more information about enrolling on the course visit this website where the course content is available here

There is so much we have to give, and now is the time to showcase our gifts. Do not let life, personal circumstances or your own fear limit you. There is freedom in being transparent. Not everyone will get the opportunity to write a book, but what pleasure it would be from someone to be inspired by your story in order for them to find out what they have been called to do.

It is never too late to share what you have been through! For more information visit the website on If you would like to be subscribed to the mailing list email


With love,

Author Esther.

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