13 DAYS TO GO! – How do you express yourself?

How do you express yourself? Is it through writing, journalling, speaking, or listening to music? I’d like to know your thoughts!

For me, writing has been a very strong passion since I created my blog in September 2014, and I want to use this gift to inspire as many people as possible who have a story to share.

Today, I’ll be sharing my story about the journey of my writing career, to the personal attacks faced in previous years, and how I’ve managed to overcome them. Tune in to the Christian Devotional Speak Up! Podcast here:

In the meantime, visit the website on www.authenticworth.com for more information on the launching of the online course on how to write a book from start to finish.

If you have any questions, email authenticworth@gmail.com.

More information on how to enrol will be given on Friday 26th April 2019! 

With love,


Founder of Authentic Worth

W: http://www.authenticworth.com

E: authenticworth@gmail.com

Instagram: authenticworth

Facebook: Authentic Worth

YouTube: Esther N J

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