Faith is stopped by your questions


We are inquisitive beings, aren’t we! Always wanting to know everything in detail, not refusing to leave without a valid answer. Trust me, I know. You want to find out why people hurt you, you want to delve deeper into the motive of the opposite sex who wants to get to know you more, you want to find out what steps God wants you to take so that you avoid the humps and bumps of life. Well, I am going to tell you now that you won’t always get the answers, nor can you avoid the trials of life. I believe it is very good to not always know things, because depending on your level of maturity, it can either make or break you. If you are still not fully healed from your past pain with family or friends, maybe they hurt your feelings, or they betrayed you by telling your business to others, then there isn’t really any point in knowing why people hurt you.

We must understand that as long as we are living on the earth, we will encounter some sort of pain. No matter what or who you believe in, whether you are a Christian or not, you are NOT EXEMPT from the trials and tribulations of life. You will come to a point where you’ll just block your ears, take away the distractions from social media, and even be a bit anti-social to prevent yourself from being hurt. It is good at times, though, to move away from the drama and hype. I had to discipline my mind recently regarding a situation that occurred. It’s those tingly feelings a woman has when she is attracted to the opposite sex, but when someone else is involved, it is so easy to crumble down or assume that someone is going on behind the scenes.


I just want to reiterate something before I carry on. Ladies, PLEASE KNOW YOUR WORTH! Jesus Christ bought you with a precious price; a price that cannot be compromised for anyone or anything. He knows the right person for you, so instead of worrying when the next man will notice you, know that Jesus ALREADY knows you. He knows the plans for you, and the purpose He has for you. If the man wants you, He will pursue you, and if you are mature enough to know, you will use discernment. It saddens my heart today when friendships break up because of the opposite sex, comparison issues, secret struggles, evil thoughts and jealousy. These things should not even be encouraged or thought of. This is why it is important to pray against the spirit of distraction.

We have so many distracting things today in our society, that we cannot function properly until we get an answer. Some may not even be able to sleep well because they want to know everything. If a man does not pursue you, or he doesn’t make as much effort it communicating, it could be because his heart is not yet ready to give away, he could have someone else in mind, he may not be strong enough to handle another commitment or God is still preparing Him.

“Always keep the big picture in mind – you are greatly loved by Jesus and your job is to love Him and others in return”

Do not take offence when someone doesn’t notice you, nor allow your bitterness to rub on other people. Stand strong and firm knowing that God who made you has already placed a man for you in mind. You do not need to wake up worrying, and stressing yourself about what others are doing. Don’t even try to imagine it. Keep your mind from clutter and respect yourself. Respect yourself in a way where you, as the elegant woman, will keep your mind focused on what matters most including investing in yourself. Your personal development will help future women and men see the true beauty and class in you. You are not a cheap imitator of someone else, you are an original copy, so NEVER lower your standards for anybody or try to gain/seek attention. It is very obvious when that behaviour happens. God loves you so much, that is worth your focus.

Know that you are worth the wait! It is so important to make it clear that you are not rushing for anything, nor stressing yourself about when my time is coming. A mature man will know what he wants; (well, should I say my ‘assume’ he knows what he wants), because let us be real, not all of us know what we truly want. God is the only One that will make it clear as to what we desire. We don’t always know everything, and when our emotions are amplified, it makes it twice as hard. You do not want to be treated like a leftover half bitten cake, that is left out until it eventually rots. You must understand that your worth is in your wait, not your questions. The more questions you keep asking about how long it will take, the longer it WILL take.


God won’t always reveal to you the things you want to know; He already knows if you are capable of handling it. He knows whether it is going to make you better or bitter. Sometimes, you will want to take the risk and find out information, once it has been said, it will either make you wiser, or pinch you where it hurts, and you will have to take responsibility for how you manage your emotions, because you did not decide to humble yourself and mind your own affairs.  I remember a time in my life where I wanted to know why my prayers weren’t met, and why they were taking so long to be met. But then I realised that me asking too many questions will not only affect my Faith, it could possibly affect my mental state, my emotions and even my health. Are you aware that trying to know everything at once can slowly kill? You have to discipline yourself and ask for the right balance to handle all situations that occur.

You need to stop giving yourself grief and treat your mind to a relaxation. Your Faith is stopped when you ask too many questions and wants to be inquisitive in everything:

  1. “Why did this person hurt me?”
  2. “I am 30 years old and still single, Lord, what is going on?”
  3. “Why can’t I get people to buy my property?”
  4. “Why haven’t I got any supporters? Am I that bad?!”
  5. “I don’t understand why she keeps getting blessed and not me?”

These above sounds very familiar. God won’t always reveal Himself to us when we are in our emotional state. You have to be willing to surrender your feelings, your ‘I can handle this’ attitude, and your pride/ego. You won’t know all the answers and you’ll have to be okay with that. I realised that asking too many questions from the Father and even family/friends caused me so much pain at one point, that it affected my thoughts towards people. I would ‘assume’ things are taking place behind the scenes, when really, people are trying to get on with their lives.

Do yourself a favour today; do not worry about unanswered responses; just breathe, calm down and relax. Learn to take each day step by step. Love yourself enough to not get distracted by anyone else. Embrace your inner and outer beauty before allowing someone else to do so. Don’t keep accumulating your mind with what other people are doing. That will not help you. We all have 24 hours in a day. Be willing to listen first, then speak and ask questions if necessary. Do not, however, let it affect what you believe in.

More importantly, develop and invest in an intimate relationship with the Father who knows you better than anyone else, and SURELY has your best interests are heart. Don’t compromise. Don’t cry, don’t beg. Work on having more Faith in God and stop asking so many questions. Too much of everything isn’t good. Learn to turn those questions into thanksgiving. Through your thanks, God will show up on your behalf. I am a living witness 🙂

Much love x


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