Deal with your past


God has erased the trash of your past and He is preparing you for the treasures of your future!

Are you aware that your past is relevant to your future? What are you afraid of about your past? People finding out what you did? Yes, we have all made mistakes, we are not perfect, but with our past, it can remind us of where we have gone wrong and help to make amendments so that our future will be enjoyable. But how much freedom do you want from what you’ve been through? I remember saying to a friend of mine that it is important to know WHO and WHEN to open up to someone regarding an issue because not everyone is suitable to solve your problems. If something is constantly playing your mind, you must realise that it’s time to be vulnerable and transparent.  is up to you to make the decision to change your mind, to see the beauty of your pain. Dealing with the past can be one of the daunting because you’ll have to dig deep into what you had to face, and sometimes it involves getting others involved. However, if it is healthy confrontation or reconciliation, then it is for a good cause. Dealing with the past isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

A lot of us woman today feel it is okay to cover up what we have been through in the past, and I can truly understand, for fear of being judged, manipulated, isolated and even condemned, but there comes a time where you’ll have to be free because anything stopping your future is a stronghold. It is our responsibility as mature women to critically analyse ourselves and see our shortcomings. Being honest is a great way of gaining respect towards people, particularly those who are called to serve. There are some people who look up to you, and when they are weak, they are expecting you to relate to their issue, not talk them down because that will keep them quiet. They are more likely not to receive their breakthrough for fear of judgment. Ask yourself this question ladies: if someone was to pre-judge you before they met you, how would you honestly feel? No matter how strong or confident we look, we are all vulnerable. It is okay to be vulnerable, however, it does not give us the right to rub our vulnerabilities on others.

Most young women of today just need people to understand them and their needs. It takes wisdom to put your own problems aside and listen to another person. This is humility because it is demonstrating that it’s not all about you. We have a lot of young adults today who are secretly struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, drug issues, addictions just to name a few. These people are in need but tend to keep it to themselves. They want to enjoy their lives but are afraid to own up to what they have done. We have all committed faults and offenses that even up till now, we have not told anyone. But I know someone who knows you in and out, who knows your end from your beginning. He loves you with an everlasting love. Our Father in Heaven is our solution to dealing with our past.

At the same time, God does strongly encourage us to be transparent with those He has placed around us to speak to, not judging or over-estimating ourselves, but being able to listen more and speak less. If we develop this character, just imagine how our world would be today. In my previous blog post, I spoke about ‘Being Wise With Wisdom’  because we tend to go into that self-defence mode where we repetitively blame our neighbour, making it all about us, and not being considerate. These are the reasons why we are not uniting because you must realise that everyone around us is hurting. Yes, some situations are painful than others, however, we have unique situations that should never be underestimated. A lady may have been raped at a young age, and another lady could have been lied to countless of times by her work colleagues; these are two opposite situations, but are still very painful, and that can stop someone from functioning in life. On Social Media, you will hear young ladies taking their lives due to various circumstances; some could be due to loneliness, not having anyone to talk to, not feeling accepted by those who claim they love us. We are already in a hurting world, must we add more injury?

Ladies, we have got a lot of work to do! It is up to us to make an intentional decision to change our minds to see the beauty of your past painful memories, and use it as a testimony to hurting women. I am not only implying this message to those who are 20+, I am also referring to ladies who are 30 and are not yet married, or 40 and still doesn’t have a child. These are serious strongholds that must be broken. We can honestly be free when we put our minds to it. Surround yourself with good people, and if you are wondering who the good people are, then start with YOU! Be the good person so that it will attract others to you. Remember nobody wants to be around a cold judgemental person; we all need love and acceptance. If people cannot accept you according to your past, do not worry. They were not meant to be in your life. Find people who are willing to be REAL AND AUTHENTIC with you, and you will eventually see yourself soaring high from past issues. Dealing with the past can be one of the daunting because you’ll have to dig deep into what you had to face, and sometimes it involves getting others involved. However, if it is healthy confrontation or reconciliation, then it is for a good cause. Dealing with the past isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

Remember your past has no effect unless you allow it to, so take the initiate and deal with it now, rather than shove it under the carpet and struggle in silence. You are not meant to solve everything in your life alone, lest you break. We should be broken for good reasons, not for condemnation. When the past knocks on the door, welcome it, deal with it and send it on its way. Remember that our Father is bigger than our past mistakes, so no scheme of man will ever be able to intervene. Let go of your plan and embrace the promises that God has for you.



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