Beauty in Every Season


Truly, there is beauty in all seasons of our lives. In health, in death, in sickness, in pain, in joy, in gladness; the list can go on. God has taught me that real beauty is stemmed from pressure, tension, and sometimes a fidgety spirit. It is in these cases, that we see God’s Hand at work in action! Why is it easy for us to rejoice when our plans work according to our time-frame but become frustrated when God does not meet our needs on time?

We are all in different seasons and we must remember to embrace them. If you are in a season of joy, be prepared for some attacks. Wow, sounds harsh, right? There will be some good times and bad times. We won’t always live each day having the greatest time of our lives. There will be tasks for us to fulfil, assignments to be met, but the Promise the Father has given to us is that HE will be with us and will never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). This is a rich promise that one must hold on to when the Faith is shaky.

Our Faith is always being tested in so many ways. It is being tested in ways that we won’t always understand. I remember God giving me the vision to write a book in January 2014. Half way, I stopped because of the frustration in securing a decent job. Although I was working at the time, I was not finding any satisfaction and decided to do things my own way. No matter what I did, it just did not seem to work and could not understand why God was putting me on hold for so long. Then I realised that GOD DOES NOT BLESS MESS. I paused and reflected on that statement and it changed my perception.

Our nature is ‘give me, give me, so, we fail to see the beauty in our seasons where we don’t get what we desire. We assume that because of our faults and flaws, we don’t feel worthy enough to receive what He has for us. That was me a while back. I was the woman who used to limit myself to how much God could bless me (to some extent, maybe I limited God?). In other words, I would see my blessings as ‘sufficient’ and force myself to be content with what I have, after all, I didn’t get a job when I wanted it to come. So whatever I had at that season, was more than enough for me…

The Father reminded me that what I owned, was only a starter. He is in the prepping stage of organising my main course! But because my emotions had so much control over my mind, it was blocking my view to see God’s promises for me. I always knew that God was around, but I really had to think deep as to why He didn’t grant me my hearts’ desires at the time I was so in need of it. God reminded me that He does not need anything I don’t have or own to bless me. All I have is already in me, and today, I can confidently stand and agree on that.

Despite the years of crying and stressing over my life, God gave me the strength to continue my project of my book: “It’s Time to Heal”. The way the Father works will not always be the way in which you visioned it to be. Some would say by a certain age, they want project A to be fulfilled, or to buy a house, or to set up a business. But sometimes, God will slow you down and remind you that nothing is possible without Him being first (Matthew 6:33). When you take matters into your own hands, you make the season you are in unclear, meaning that you view your situation as hopeless, one that has no direction or authentic meaning. My sister, your life is clear, you just need to stop seeing it from a natural perspective and start seeing it from Gods perspective.

Your natural perspective is allowing your emotions to get the best of you. Do you know the Power you have in controlling the way you feel? (Be transformed by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND – ROMANS 12:2). I nearly would have missed my opportunity to become an Author, had I not controlled myself in my brokenness. Being broken is a good thing ladies. Yes, to man, you will look weak, people will laugh at you, people will talk about you, but because GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET, they won’t stop talking about you! Are you ready to handle the chatter? You have to be strong, confident, BOLD and intentional about your success!

Some see success as having a 9.00am to 5.00pm job Monday to Friday, but God knew I was way more worth that! After the struggle of consistently going back and forth, I came to realise that He had a bigger and BETTER PLAN FOR MY LIFE! And today, I am here to say, that it is only by the Grace of God that I have come this far. My life has been such a bumpy and rocky journey that not a lot of people will understand because some see the outward appearance, but God sees my heart. He allowed me to lie down in green pastures; He led me beside the still waters and restored my soul. (Psalm 23:2-3). Sometimes, it is not enough to handle everything in your own strength, you must learn how to surrender it all to Him so that He will lead you out safely.

This message is meant to lift your spirit up and remind you that no matter what you may be facing today, you are in a beautiful season. In my season of silence, God was teaching me about the Healing Process. He reminded me that it is okay to cry, but only for a while, to not ponder on why things did not happen my way. As previously stated, He then gave me the vision to write a book in January 2014. And today, I am humbled to say that He has allowed me to finish it. (Philippians 1:6).

It’s Time to Heal is targeted at the young woman who secretly has enough of life and the constant battle of feeling insecure in herself; she is intentional about breaking out from her secret struggles, but still seeks to compare herself with others. Yes, she desires to be healed, but her past is battling with her future. She knows what it is like to feel left out and often ends up hidden in the corner broken. No one knows the real agony she faces, so she puts it on with a smile and a few laughs. But little did she know that something is missing: HEALING. This book is a guide that reminds her of the Father’s love and His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give YOU a future and a hope”. She will be uplifted knowing that her future is bright and that healing is available when she makes the choice.

Remember that healing is not just in the form of having good health, it could be pride that is killing your soul; it could be self-criticism (being too hard on yourself); it could be your attitude that is making you bitter and resentful; you could also be struggling with forgiveness. Either way, this book is a tool that will remind you that your personal pain serves a high purpose, and that though you may be going through your own struggle, you will never be alone. I wrote this book from a broken place, and I have understood the importance of being transparent, real and honest, because you gain respect, but not just man’s respect, but GOD’S FAVOR!

For that reason, I will be having a Book Launch on Saturday 23rd July 2016. More information is on the link below and you can sign up for free at:

Remember, it is okay to be broken. No one in this world should ever expect you to be perfect. You will never be perfect in man’s eyes, but ALWAYS IN GOD’S EYES. People won’t always like you, but that is okay 🙂

If you really want to be healed from your pain, you must be intentional about it, but please, remember that your season is not punishing you for what you did in the past, or what you could not achieve. Your season is birthing something spectacular that you never thought of. Your season is beautiful, so do not look down on yourself. We all have broken pieces, we all have scars, we all have a past, but guess what, we don’t live in them!

I hope to see you at my book launch, and if you know anyone that will greatly benefit from this event, kindly refer them to the link above where they can sign up. I will be selling and signing the books at the launch 🙂

For those who may not be able to make the launch, you can go on and purchase it from there. The link is:

May this book touch, heal, and bless you, and may it remind you that your healing has come, but how much do you want it? Remember your season is beautiful, don’t ever doubt that!



It's Time to Heal 3D Cover

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