Stay Awake!

Stay awake 3

Make it a habit to be consistent in your homework, assignments, deadlines, commitments, health and everything else that adds to it. It is important to always remain positive regardless of the attacks coming your way. These attacks unfortunately you cannot avoid, and it will be uncomfortable, but you must learn to let go. Don’t try to solve these issues on your own. Most times, it has to do with the way we think. Our mind-sets are automatically used to handling things, or keeping it to ourselves. I am a witness of this as I tend to keep certain things to myself. Is it always easy telling people what I am going through? No, not at all, but we can’t do it alone. There is truly a time for everything, and you will need to adapt to the different pressures of the world and your own personal life. Regardless of whatever comes your way, if you are able to stay awake and stand strong, you will come out the other side.

God sees our tears, nor is He exempt from them. We cannot get our answers solved in the world, friends or even family at times, and yes God does give us good people around us, but we can’t solely depend on them to meet our needs. God requires us to stay awake and seek Him every second of our lives, lest we fall into the hands of the enemy. When something is troubling you, are you the one to tell your friends? Do you seek a spiritual leader? Or do you run to God and find Him? Finding Him in chaos will enable you to stay awake for the up-coming attacks. It is not avoidable. It is good to go through certain situations to make you realise that without God, you can do nothing. There are times where I feel in my spirit that I am not to keen on certain people; instead I make an intentional decision to seek the Father, rather than people because it will keep spreading, and by the time it comes back to me, I’ll be hearing different opinions like ‘Chinese whispers’. Why put yourself in that position? It is draining if you keep dwelling your mind on what others think about you. People will never stop talking about you, whether you have it or not; it is the world we live in today, BUT we have a solution! Carry on reading…

Stay awake 1

Romans 12:2 says that we should renew our mind. Now we hear this scripture so many times but fail to apply it because we seek approval quickly. We do not want to wait on God, so we try to get advice from outside. Being able to renew your mind effectively means to keep your spirit awake too. Remember the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). The flesh always wants to attack the spirit, but you have the power to control it. I’ll tell you why. You are aware that fire is extremely hot. No one in their right frame of mind would put their hand on the fire and leave it there for 5 seconds. Unless that person has lost their mind, but relatively speaking, you would be alert for any form of fire to touch you, whether it is your skin or clothes. Your instinct will inform you in advance that the fire is dangerous and can potentially kill, so you will stay away from it. This also can be applied to negative thinking; change it into positive thinking so that you can stay awake from the traps that try to entangle you. The enemy will only attack you when you fall short. If you give in to laziness, depression, stress, anxiety, anger, resentment, bitterness, all these things will be eating you up bit by bit. It will be slow, but as the days pass by, you will be arrogant, and reserved, and the painful thing is that people around you will see the struggle. Some would want to help but because of your stubbornness to open up, you let your anger control you.

The enemy knows that once we open our mouth and shout “HELP” he has to go back to where it belongs. Please ladies, I employ you to stay awake in this time and age we are living in. So much is happening and we have the responsibility to remain focused. Remember people will change, situations will change, family will change, but God will never change. Our real focus should be on Him and all other things will be added onto us. Do not take the burdens you face into your own hands. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil is like a roaring lion, walking about seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Stay awake for your life because the enemy knows all your weak spots. He is literally keeping awake to wait and see when we fall so that he will hit that part where it hurts the most. We are all human and we will face days of pain, no matter how much you want to cover it up with make-up or money; none of these things can take the pain away because they do not last.

Stay awake

Do yourself a favor and rest in Him. Why is your focus on what other people are doing? I previously stated in my ‘Be Yourself’ video on YouTube that ‘the right people who love you will come your way, so don’t force it’. If you are so Faithful to negative energy that you forget who you are, you will fall flat. You will keep sleeping weary and waking up weary all because you have chosen to dwell on the negatives. My friend, the enemy knows your weak areas and until you take authority over your own life, he will start tormenting you from your past situations. Choose to be free because of how far you’ve come. It is not good to stay defeated and think sleeping will take care of it. Yes sleep is good, but your body is going to have to get up at some point.

Keep yourself active by going for a walk, travelling, going to different restaurants, meeting up with close friends, having family time and other fun activities that will involve you to not be idle. Being idle causes you to think too much, and puts you in a state of being double-minded about life. The Father dislikes a double-minded person, and we must learn to rise above how we feel and make an intentional decision to make our lives the way we want it. Staying awake will enable you to be aware of the attacks that come your way, even the ones you did not initiate. When you are walking with God, He will show you the things you could not see and show you were more support is needed. We all need to know what we can do to get better right? Whether it is to assess your character, your mouth, your lifestyle, these are all important and needs a daily check up.

Stay awake from corrupt talk because it will save you a lot of trouble. I cannot re-emphasize on this enough because when we face challenging situations, it is easy to run to people. But today I am challenging you to really seek God. Even when your mind is tempted to say something unkind about someone, learn to keep your mouth quiet, because life and death is in the Power of our tongues (Proverbs 18:21). You may not realise that what you say starts from a small seed which eventually grows and germinates. Now refer to yourself, what does your seed look like? Before you cover it in the soil, what are you speaking over that seed? Is it life? Is it death? Do you believe that seed will create good results? Remember that whatever you say to yourself will come to pass; on the other hand what you say about others will also come back to you. If you sense your surroundings being negative and filthy, the best thing to do is walk away. You do not owe any explanation because you already know people’s intentions. You don’t need to waste time ‘listening’, just walk away in silence, because it is only a fool that decides to stay in a conversation that does not concern them.

When exam season is approaching, you are intentional about passing those exams. So what do you do? You sacrifice your time by refusing to watch TV, getting involved in other people’s problems, de-activating all social media platforms and putting your head down to work. If you are distracted at home, go to the library or a friend’s house to study. You will see how effective it will be once you allow this to be a routine because your main purpose is to pass your exams. Some are very good at studying by themselves; others are good when they work as a group; either way you must learn how to stay awake in these periods and not get distracted. Most times distractions will come when you have priorities. When you have 7 exams in one month, distractions such as health, emotional issues, past situations pop up unexpectedly, but you have the power to stop them controlling you.

Staying awake means using your ability to control what controls you. It has to do with the mind and what you say over yourself. From another angle, your physical eyes are what we use every day to see. If you know watching certain movies late at night is not going to benefit you for another day, why watch it? You can control the things you watch. In addition, when you see someone has a new car, are you going to get bitter because you don’t have yours? What your eyes see, your mind will follow on from it. Your eyes communicate to your mind. Your eyes will tell your mind to control the way you think, so they are both working hand in hand with each other. When your eyes see a beautiful dress, your mind will tell you to try it on at the shop. Once you like the dress, your eyes will now look at shoes and jewelry to complete the outfit. Do you get the pattern?

To conclude, do not allow your mind to travel so far that it breaks you down, but learn to stay awake when troubles come your way. Problems are unavoidable because it is in those uncomfortable environments that our true strength is birthed. Strength is not birthed from when you are at the top, it is birthed when you are at your lowest. So stay awake in every situation and don’t worry about what comes your way, they are there to remind you to be alert because our troubles produce great triumph.


Stay awake 2

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