The Magic Pill

So thought-provoking! Thank you very much for writing this! It will touch someone! 🙂

Unfathomable Grace

How fantastic would it be to love God with every ounce of your being? Can you imagine how incredible it would be to love God so much that no idol or temptation held any sway over your heart? Wouldn’t you love to keep the First Commandment and love the Lord with all your insides and outsides? Wouldn’t you love to keep the Tenth Commandment and covet nothing other than increased experiential intimacy with and practical righteousness before Jesus Christ? Truthfully, if there were a magic pill that caused your heart to be singleminded, faithful, stable, and satisfied in Christ alone, would not you take it immediately?

Well, the bad news is this, such faithful affection and obedience is exactly that which God requires of you in his Law. Such a response to God, at all times and in all places, is required of you if you would be found self-righteous. Such is the divine expectation of…

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