You have to hate Jealousy

Jealousy 1

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being content with what you have and how you can use it effectively. Most times in our society today, we strive reach a certain level of success to make us ‘look’ successful, for example, the clothes we wear that we cannot afford, the cars we buy to impress people, the group we surround ourselves in to feel a part of something. Some of us today are so eager to make money for our own benefit and for the praises of man. On the other hand, there are some who don’t have it all but know how to manage the little they have because they know what it feels to not have anything. It can be easy to hate on someone for having it all, but why waste your time doing that?

Sometimes I wonder why those who have the least do the most with what they have, and those who have the most demand more. It’s quite ironic! Aside this, I want to shift your focus on the word ‘jealousy’ and its definition. From several experiences some of us have encountered,¬†we know what human jealousy is; Jealousy is commonly understood as “resentment against a person for having or enjoying what we think should be our own”. When we build this type of mindset, it encourages bitterness and anger towards someone. When jealousy tries to kick in, I remind myself of the fact that I’ll never know what my neighbor had to go through to get what they have.

I remember a dear friend of mine kept telling me that; “until you understand my pain, you would never understand my praise”. It is a powerful statement because a lot of us today underestimate ones pain, thinking they are having the time of their lives, but secretly they are tired of pretending and just want someone to be there for them. Have you ever felt like that? Some are afraid to reveal their pain to others for fear they would discuss the issues with other people. This should not be so, because God takes it very personal in the way we treat each other.

You have a friend that could be jealous of the way God keeps blessing them, and you are wondering why nothing is happening to you. Instead of being angry at God and jealous of your friend, go into your secret place and SEEK HIM DILIGENTLY. Anything you ask for shall be granted in His Name AND according to His Will. I do not know anyone that has received everything they wanted without struggle and when it was convenient for them. Only God knows how to bless each of us in His own time, but being jealous of someone else’s blessings can delay your own because your mind should not be focused on the blessing of your neighbor, instead we should be expectant knowing that God has already done it.

Let us look at the story of Hannah and Penninah¬†in 1 Samuel chapter 1 (study the whole chapter in your own time). Hannah was barren and could not give birth, however Penninah was able to conceive. Penninah took advantage of Hannah’s situation, but guess what Hannah done? She went into her secret place and prayed to God to answer her prayer. From a human perspective, Hannah could have retaliated and questioned Penninah’s bitterness against her, but instead she was mature enough to ignore the criticism to seek God. I know it was not easy for Hannah at all, but one thing that occurred to me as I was studying 1 Samuel is that Hannah’s husband Elkenah loved Hannah regardless of her condition. I know some men would have run away from it, but instead he stood by her side, and to me that shows humility.

I know it would not be easy for some of us, but those who are Spiritually Mature would have handled the situation Hannah’s way, and for this reason she was able to give birth to Samuel because of her humility and consistent prayer. Sometimes, when you sense jealousy trying to attack you or get the best of you, the best way to handle it is through prayer and confession. You cannot deal with it in your flesh because fighting on your own will only lead to defeat. Even when people try to make you look small, do not give in; instead find your secret place and pour your heart out to Him. This is a brief message for us all to remind ourselves that no matter our situation, we have every right to be content with what we have and use it to glorify God.

This year is nearly over! I would not want any of you entering in 2016 with a bitter heart towards anyone. Whether your friend got a better job that you, celebrate with her because one day when God blesses you, you would want people to celebrate. Remember how you treat people is a high concern in the eyes of God. He does not want us to live miserable lives, but to enjoy every minute we have on this earth, and learn to keep seeking God for your own blessings. He will grant anything you ask for if you just humble yourself. Remember we all have 24 hours in a day so use your time wisely!

Love who you are ladies! You are so uniquely special!