The Word Verses The World

There is a strong battle between the Word and the World. We are surrounded by so much pressure and heavy influences that at times we do not know what decisions to make due to our surroundings. There is something that is laid very heavy on my heart that I would like to share with you. Ladies, we need to Word. The Word is simply the Bible. The Bible enable us to live according to His commandments and principles. Yes, I know it isn’t easy to abide by the Word because we seem to like ‘fitting in’ with the world. We do not want to be classified as boring so we use the Word mainly on Sundays and leave it out from Monday to Saturday.

When you take the Word and the World, have a deep think about it. Take out the letter “L” from the ‘World’, and what do you get? WORD! This is an indication that no matter what, the Word will ALWAYS STAY TRUE! The word “L” from my own perspective is LUST! Lust is a very dangerous thing, because when used inappropriately, it will cause division and conflict. So many people of nowadays are being pulled away from the Word and into the World. The world that we live in is surrounded by so much negativity that most women are trying to compete with other women, rather than completing them.

There is too much gossip, too much of “It’s all about me”, too much of “I want/I need” etc. It’s a corrupt world we live in because so many of us are being entertained by the patterns of this world, that they cannot make their own decision to live a life that is pleasing to God; rather they find it easy to follow the customs of this temporary world. As much as we are in the world, we are not of the world. (John 15:19). This world is bound to fail you, but when you stick to His Word, it will complete you and you will experience the Peace that surpasses all human understanding! Women, we should never feel ashamed of not copying this world, because we are to stand out for others to see Christ in us. Remember in Matthew 5:14-16, it states that we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. We must also ensure that our light shines before men, that they may see our good works and Glorify our Father who is in Heaven.

What is it in this world that you crave for? Is it to be loved by people? Is it to be known? Or is it for people to like you? All these things are bound to fail you because you are not putting your trust in the source. When you however put your trust in God, He will meet all your needs and give you more than you expected. The challenging question for most of us to understand is that can we cannot have the word and the world at once. We can only choose one and leave the other, and yes it is hard to do, but it has to be done.

As stated previously, yes we are in the world, but we do not have to copy what other people are doing just for them to accept us. For example, I remember a few years ago, there was so much drama on the best weave to buy including, Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Mongolian, Malaysian etc. To me, they all look the same lol! I really do not think there is any difference between any of them. It is just the way people perceive them to be that changes the mind of women. From my experience and the secondary research I conducted, the majority of women prefer Peruvian because of its thickness. Most women stated that Brazilian shreds a lot, whilst Indian is too thin. The Mongolian and Malaysian hair I cannot disclose any information as I haven’t bought them at all.

What am I trying to say here? No matter what you buy, do not let that stress you out. Its only hair!! Lol! Yes most of us women like it, but just because a lot of women say they don’t like Brazilian, does not mean that you can’t get it for yourself. Save yourself the time and buy what you know you can afford. Don’t go to the extreme just for people to accept you because of the hair you bought. Likewise, do not feel you need to blend into the world because you were born to stand out. Because of the pressure that is happening in the world, it is not giving us any peace of mind. When you go on YouTube tutorials, it is stated that the LA Girl Pro Concealer is the best concealer, however MAC lovers would say that their concealers are better and so on…

The Word is the only book that will NEVER CHANGE! When you have lost all hope in the world and its unreliability to remain stable, you will realise that all this time, you have been investing in the wrong things. Ladies, I challenge us to continue studying the Word of God. As much as we focus on our outward appearances, let us not forget to check our hearts and attitudes. Are they healthy? Are you saying positive things to yourself? How are your thoughts helping others around you to change for the better? Your words can either help someone or break them. It can make them choose which way to follow;the “Word’s Path” or the “World’s Path”. Our lives should demonstrate the love of God, so that others can be convinced to abide by His Word.

Your worth and value is hidden in Christ. You do not need validation from the world. I know most people prefer to be loved through people, but I urge you today to seek God’s love. The world’s love is temporary. When you are excelling, people do not like it. But God Himself will be proud of you. You must always ensure God is in the centre of all your decisions. Rather than running to the phone to call your friend about what someone did to you, run to the throne where you can be real with God and express your pain. He will answer.

We are living in the end times where so many churches and Christians are being persecuted for what they believe in. What are we really doing about the situation? Are we now ashamed to be Christians for fear of what the world will do? Or are we just too focused on our status and take God’s Grace for granted knowing that He constantly forgives? Remember that God sees the inner motive of ones heart, so no matter what happens, God can see right through you. Being like the world can be a dangerous thing, because if you want to be of this world, then your love for God is not in you. The world will pass away along with its desires, but those who do the will of God will abide forever.

James 4:4 “Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” It would be painful to be God’s enemy, because God is far greater than the world. If our mind is always focused on the things of the world, we are more likely to slip and miss our real purpose here on earth. Do you know what you are created to do for God? If not, brush up on your bible. Do not wait until your circumstances change for the better before you can start living for God. Do it now while you are alive and well.

Word and World