The Struggle to Recover


In life, you have to work hard to get well. Not only just from a tangible point of view such as getting a new job, being promoted on your job, buying a house, but also with God. Faith without works is dead, so the challenge for you is to charge your Faith levels in Him, and believe wholeheartedly that all things are working together for your good; the good and the bad!

When somebody tells you that your lazy, how would you take it? Would you laugh and not take it serious, or would you really examine yourself and understand why the statement was made? You have every ability to put in as much effort to make your plans prosperous. What makes you put effort into something you have been thinking about? Some people could be lazy spending quality time with God in the morning; others could be cleaning the house on a daily basis. The truth is, we all have something we are struggling with that we want to change. It could be our attitudes; I know a few people take it out on loved ones when they get hurt by someone who ‘thought’ cared for them. I do not believe anyone should be treated bad because of what somebody else did to them, because you are more likely to take out your frustration on them. We have all been there; we may even take it out on our parents or siblings, those that genuinely do care and have our best interest at heart. The truth of the matter is that there is so much pain that one can take, and we must ensure that the way we are treating one another is encouraging and supportive.


The struggle to get up every morning to work can be a burden, which shouldn’t be. After all, weren’t you the one who asked God for the job initially? I was reading a powerful message that Heather Lindsey wrote and it said:

“I remember waking up from my 9-5 and being thrilled about it being a Friday. I couldn’t wait to GET away from the office and enjoy my weekend.By Sunday night, I was back sad again about Monday. Then the Lord showed me that I won’t learn what I’m supposed to learn finding joy based on a day. How can God show me what I’m supposed to learn if I complain 5 days a week? I shifted my perspective and really started enjoying my job. I noticed that my work ethic changed. I started to get promoted at my job and I started to really be thankful for that season. Before I left that job to go into ministry full-time, the company allowed for me to take my job from New York to Atlanta so I could work from home for two years, all because they trusted me. I knew it was all the Lord and the fact that He prepared me for that transition. So, know that your days where you are NOW are preparing you for where God is taking you NEXT. Learn character, discipline and develop in trusting Him”.

This message taught me that no matter where you are in life, whether you are working full-time or part-time, you can still enjoy your job rather than complaining about it and trying to find a way out. I used to be like that myself. I found it so stressful enjoying where I was working because it felt repetitive. There was no change, and it seemed as if I was not learning anything, until I changed my perspective and starting thinking positively. Not only that, but I realised how many people out there did not have a job, relative to myself who did! Sometimes, the things you complain about is what someone is PRAYING ABOUT! The job you hate so much is the SAME JOB that someone is crying for. You would be surprised at the amount of people who would want to be in your position. You think your going through hell, look at the person next to you…people smile trying to cover up their pain, but it really is braking them slowly. They may not realise it now, but it is a struggle to recover from situations like this.

The Israelites were stuck in the wilderness for 40 days (Joshua 5);

The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years (Luke 8: 43-48);

Lazarus who was dead for four days (John 11). 

All these people had problems, but some took quite long to recover. Imagine staying in an environment where you can’t grow? Your just stuck. You have a vision to move forward, but your current situation has left you questioning if God is really for you? That is what happened to the Israelites! They were held captive in the Land of Egypt by the Egyptians. God used Moses to save the Israelites from their foes, but it took them quite a while to escape. Why? Because they did not put their whole heart in trusting God; they even accused Moses of trying to save them when they could have been ‘satisfied’ with where they are. In other words, they were ‘okay’ to be slaves for the Egyptians, but GOD HAD ANOTHER PLAN!!

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that where you are now is NOT your destiny! You may not understand what you may be going through now, but when you seek God first, He will surely provide you an answer! Do not feel the need to do it on your own. You will surely fail. Yes it sounds harsh but it’s true! God truly wants to bless His people, but He can only bless those who are HUNGRY FOR IT! The Israelites were satisfied with where they were in the Land of Egypt because they don’t know anything about moving forward. The struggle they were in swallowed them up thinking that God was not on their side, when He was. God knows how to get you out of your struggle, but how bad do you want to come out of it?…

I know some of you want to excel, and that is a good thing, but do you really want to be free? Or are you just settling for second best? God wants to grant you His best blessing for you, but you are the one stopping it through your thoughts and actions. Ladies, we are all going through something serious that we want God to help us come out of. Some may be relationship issues, broken friendships, family issues, lack of financial stability, health problems; you name it! But how much do you want God to heal and take away the pain? Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord; plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. 

God is the only one that can establish you! No matter how big you want to be in life, God will always show you His way of blessing you! What God has in mind for you will often exceed all your expectations. If you keep complaining about life and where you are, you are not learning, and more likely going to stay in your current position? I do not know about you, but 2015 is an extraordinary year for me! Another thing that can contribute to our struggles is when we speak defeat. When ever you speak defeat, you are helping the enemy do its job. Instead, make a conscious decisions to pray daily and ask for strength and the boldness to endure the pain, endure the stress, endure the heartache, and He will swap all your struggles with His peace. God came to grant you peace; not as the world gives, so why let your hearts be troubled? (John 14:27).

Finally, what is stopping you from stepping into your promised land? Why does it feel like you aren’t going further in life? Because your mindset is pulling you back; it could be negative thinking or being envious of what your neighbor has, not even considering the fact that they too have been through their own pain. A lot of people do not want to go through the process, but just want to get to the destination. If you are not careful, you may stay in your current position because you chose not to trust God, rather do it in your own strength. What makes you think that you can do anything without God? The one who knows you more than you do! It is impossible to do anything without Him. To recover from your pain is only possible when He is in it because He alone knows the end from the beginning!

Ladies, we must ask God to give us the patience to wait for the kind of promotion that comes from Him, and not try to always figure out everything. Mans rejection is truly God’s protection! Delay is NOT denial! Don’t think that way ever! For every struggle, for every closed-door, for every heartache, know that it is all working out for your good! There are some things in life that we may never understand, but we truly need to be steadfast in His Word before we can see changes. Don’t pray to God if you are not willing to move your feet and do your part! Life is a journey and it starts with step-by-step processes. Little processes will eventually results to big progress! The struggle to recover should draw you closer to God, and to remind you that your never alone, whether you are someone who opens up or not. P

Never be afraid to tell someone what you are going through, because as Iron sharpens Iron, so does a friend sharpen a friend! We all need one another in our struggles! (Proverbs 27:17). We should be in need to fellowship with one another in order to overcome our struggles. Surround yourselves with people who inspire growth! All in all, remember that prayer changes everything, so start doing it! The struggling you are dealing with today will develop the strength you need tomorrow!

We only trust people we know. If you are struggling to trust God, it may be because you don’t really know God 

(Martha Tennison)