What have you learnt?


What have you learnt this month of July? For me, it has been full of ups and downs, but I learnt something very important; being content! Contentment starts from within. It is not when you receive blessings, it’s when you realise that you have more than enough. This week in particular revealed a lot to me. I saw so many things that gripped my heart. I was saying in my mind ‘imagine if I was in that person’s shoes’ but God didn’t allow anything bad to happen. He taught me the importance of being thankful in everything. I know we all have personal desires that need to given to us, but we also need to think about others before ourselves. It is not just contentment that I learnt in this month, it’s also being able to love and forgive people. Every day is an opportunity to make it right with other people, and also yourself! When God wakes you up every morning, it is a gift, so you must use it wisely. Use it to be a blessing to others, and you too will receive your own blessings. We have 5 blessed months left until the year 2014 ends. What have you learnt so far? How has your situations made you a better person? How has your walk with Christ been? All these questions are worth reflecting over…its not just about what we want, but what God wants…lets aim to please Him, and love others, because those that love God must be able to love others around them, even in the most difficult situations.

If someone has upset you this month, make a decision to drop it in July and avoid bringing it up in August! I strongly believe that August will be an extraordinary month for all of us! We just need to constantly renew our mindset and keep ourselves busy with the Word. Be a blessing unto someone. We do not know what one is going through. The best feeling is to know that God will always be there for us, but you too can be there for another person. Just a smile can make ones day!

Never underestimate yourself! Another issue that most of us go through is looking down on ourselves. Why? Because we are so focused on what other people are doing, relative to what we are supposed to be doing. I had my first bible study with one of my dearest friend, and we were discussing the importance of our ‘gifts’. When people similar to us have the same gift as us, we should not be too focused on how they use their gift, rather, we should use it as an opportunity to learn from them and become better. Let us not be so concerned in the way people use their gifts. The pressure is intense when you feel as if your gift is not working to the best of its ability, but you will only feel like that because you have positioned yourself in a way that is not effective. So in other words, you have placed a barrier between your gift which you feel it’s not working due to how other people gifts are, and how they use it to impact others. If your gift is to encourage, use it to the best of YOUR ABILITY! Everyone has different ways of using their gifts, but do not make that mistake whereby you are focusing too much on someone else, that you forget who you are.

Everyday is a learning point. Whether big or small, we all learn along the way. But I must ask once again, what have you learnt in this month of July? Enjoy the rest of the remaining months! 🙂

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