God is still Faithful even in your ‘current mess’

We have a God of 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances! We have a Father who loves us SO MUCH that does not remember our faults. It’s so interesting how sometimes, we as believers can criticize ourselves because of something we done recently. We put labels on ourselves saying: “I can’t be used by God”, “I am too dirty”, “I am so lazy, and I can’t be bothered to get up”. It does happen. But do you know that God can even bless you even when you sin? A sermon from Bishop TD Jakes spoke about a powerful message regarding favor. The sermon is called “Favor Aint Fair”. (Please watch at your own convenience). This sermon has taught me that in this life, no matter what position you have, how anointed you are, how messed up you are, how much money you earn, God is not a respecter of man and can bless ANYONE AT ANY TIME!

Yes you heard that this girl did something bad, or that boy was selling drugs, but how about you though? How about what you did the last week? You see, what I am trying to explain is that we are so quick to look at somebody else’s faults, when you have got your own. In reference, Matthew 7 verse 3 says: “Why do you stare from without at the very small particle that is in your brother’s eye but do not become aware of and consider the beam of timber that is in your own eye?”. Why do we do it, honestly? Can you ask yourself this question. Sometimes unconsciously, we can make these mistakes by focusing too much on somebody else’s faults that we forget that we are in the same position as the other.

Sin 1

I reflect back on the things I did, and say “Oh Lord I wish I did not do it”, but the deed is done. You cannot change what you have done in your past, but you can change your NOW and your TOMORROW! God can give you that promotion you have been praying for at that moment when you are indulging in your sin. He can bless that boy who is selling cocaine to make a living. What you can do however to feel pure again is to confess your sins to the Lord and ask Him for His forgiveness in your life. Do not condemn or compare yourself to others saying “God cannot use me”. If He uses Rahab the harlot in the bible, of course He can use you too! Do not put limits on what God can do. He is still Faithful even in your situations.


Maybe we could sum it up like this:

God has demonstrated His past faithfulness to give us a foundation for our Faith. Now show God your Faith, and He will show you His faithfulness, not because you have earned it, but because you have put yourself in a position to see it. Alternatively:

  • Pray big.
  • Dream big.
  • Take BIG STEPS of Faith.

Because of how you have seen God’s faithfulness in the past, and because you want to see Him show His faithfulness in ways you haven’t seen yet in the future. Just a brief reminder: If you feel like you have done something so bad, do NOT keep it in. Tell somebody you trust about it. Your current mess should not control you, and the only way you can stop it from controlling you, is when you open up. You are not alone. We are all in this together. Remember that Iron sharpens Iron, so in that context, we need to help one another in their mess, as they will return the favour when you need it. You never know what may crop up, so be ready to open up and be a blessing to someone. In fact, expressing your pain or hurt to another person can actually open doors of blessing. You may not realise it now, but you are making that other person realise that you are not any better, so it makes them feel good about themselves that they are on their level of fault, in and turn will not feel condemned.


The way you treat your family is a reflection of the way you treat GOD.

Greetings. I want to talk to you about attitude. We all have attitudes…some good, some bad. Nevertheless, it is your attitude that will shape your character that will reveal your true identity. A few weeks ago, I was reflecting on how I treat my family. I love them so much, God knows I do. But they are just words. How about putting the action into it. The way you treat your family, in particular your parents as they are the head of you, you are also treating God that way.

If you do not acknowledge your parents now whilst you are young, do you think it will get any better when you grow older. We are aware that God never changes which is very good for us, however, why not make a decision to change the way you treat your loved ones? The way we treat our family should be reflected through our attitude towards them. We can appreciate our family by cleaning the house once in a while, by greeting them every blessed morning and saying goodnight to them, praying for them and buying unexpected gifts. All these things bring Glory to God’s Name and He is pleased with it.

It says in Ephesians 6 verse 1 that “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, as His representatives, for this is just and right”. Why should we obey our parents? Because God commanded it. Not only that, but as we continue to obey them, our future kids will also obey us. I do not believe any woman who is reading this message would want their kids to disrespect them. We must ensure that we are doing the right thing at the right time towards our family. Sometimes, you can sense when a loved one is full of pain, heartache, stress, financial difficulty etc. Do you want to keep adding your own pain to theirs? Of course not. I am aware that most mothers do their children’s laundry. That is alright, but once in a while, you could take over. You could even cook them a meal or buy them a take-away. Any little thing you do, they will appreciate it! Yes some have not been brought up from a good background, and I understand that, however, for those that have been brought up well, treat your family well. For those that haven’t, do the same if though the pain may still be in your heart.


Imagine waking up every morning to a sorrowful father, a weeping mother, a lonely sister or a bullied brother. They are constantly nagging you day in a day out. It can be upsetting. It feels like you are not doing your role properly. But God sees your heart and He understands everything. So instead of trying to figure out everything on your own, pray to God for STRENGTH, peace and guidance of the mouth. When our loved ones upset us, we can be so tempted to talk back, but show some respect and keep your mouth zipped. Do not allow the anger to control you, instead you control your own anger.

Remember that tomorrow is NOT promised, but because of God’s GRACE we can face tomorrow! Treat your family well now! Do not wait until it’s too late. We have to continue to acknowledge their existence. It may hurt at times when they do provoke us (which they do), but has it occurred to you that you could also be the cause of them provoking you? Maybe you said something that hurt your fathers feelings, or you spoke back at your mother whilst she was talking to you/ How about when you gave your sister the silent treatment when she was trying to see if you are alright, or your brother that wanted some company because he felt insecure about his GCSE grades. All these things happen, it is natural. But YOU can make a big difference. As you are treating your family well, you are also treating God well, and once He sees the motive of your heart, He will bless you in unexpected ways. Do not wait until something terrible happens before you start appreciating your loved ones.

APPRECIATE THEM NOW! Mark this day on the 20th June 2014 that Esther kindly advised the woman who is reading this message to treat your family well and enjoy every moment with them! 🙂

Have a great day.

Family 2