Do Not Give Up!

DON’T BLOW IT! Okay, so you feel you have been waiting long enough. Too long in fact. Other people did not have to go through all you did to get what they have. Now you are feeling frustrated and you are about to speak against God, against the promise. Hopelessness sets in and is about to give birth to unbelief.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! God may not be speaking to you about the door He has opened for you. He may not speak to you about the favour you are about to walk into… Ruth in the Bible did not know that Boaz noticed her or was thinking of her. But she continued to be faithful to Naomi and at the work committed to her. At any time she could have let go and given up. Even when she stayed, she could have been disgruntled about where she was, however, she did not let Naomi’s bitterness get to her. There is something about the ‘right attitude’ that positions you for your next level.

Now back to you! The vision may tarry! Trust me I know, but do not make your season last longer by complaining. Ask the generation of the children of Israel that came out of Egypt! The wrong attitude prolonged their transition process and costed them the promise land. Scripture says we should be imitators of those who through FAITH AND PATIENCE inherited the promise.

This is a word for somebody! God is not done with you. Your best days are not behind you, they are AHEAD OF YOU! But you are only going to get it by trusting God! Keeping His Word! Knowing that He that promised will surely bring it to pass! He’s not a man who He should lie!

The right attitude positions you to hear instruction that will set you up!! Do not give up! Do not trade the promise in! Ask God to help your unbelief! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray so you can build up your most holy faith! Because it’s BY FAITH THAT WE OBTAIN!!!!

 Do not give up