Its All Good!

This week I have just been reflecting on the people I have in my life, and how they have made an impact towards my life, and how I have made an impact in theirs. The truth is, you do not need too many people in your life. As long as you know the right people that are meant to be in your life, quantity should not be an issue. There are some people who I thought I would stay in contact with, but as the months went by, we just lost contact. I have been the one to check up on people, just to see how they are. Others however, have not been as consistent with it. It is highly important that communication is used effectively! I was talking to a friend and he was talking to me about the importance of communication. I reflect back in my life and have pondered on how many times I have used communication!

What I am trying to get out of this message is that, not everybody will be friends with you. Some will smile with you and secretly wish for your downfall. But God who sees the Heart will surely reveal this to you! God will convict your Spirit to let you know if this person or person(s) are meant to be in your life. Take this for an example: Lust versus Love. There is a MASSIVE difference between the two.

– Lust: Friend A sows a seed in the offering bowl, praying, believing and declaring that the job they desire will come to pass.

– Love: Friend B does not have much to give, but regardless of whether the job comes their way or not, the praise will still be in its mouth.


Can you differentiate the two now? If not…keep reading…

The difference is that Friend B is more likely to get the job. This is because you cannot bribe God or force God to do what you ask Him to do. Yes do not get me wrong, it does say in John 14 v 14 says ‘Ask anything in My Name, and it shall be done for You’. Its not about only asking God in His Name, it is the MOTIVE behind the reason why you are asking God for something specific. Friend B is clearly saying that regardless of whether I get the job or not, I will still praise you. Friend A on the other hand, may be disappointed that they did not get the job, however notices that Friend B has got the job. This is where envy comes in (Envy is a waste of time; you have all you need). This is why it is unwise to compare yourselves to others! When you do that, you are showing your weakness!

Sometimes I personally want to let people know what God has done for me, but other times I just hold back because I want genuine people to celebrate with me. At times, you just need to celebrate your success with Jesus and yourself.

Overall, in all circumstances, it is ALL GOOD! Just keep smiling, keep enjoying life, and keep moving forward! The right people will come at the right time!


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