Think about others more than yourself!

Happy new month guys! I hope you all are well? So this week, I was reflecting on the things that I wanted God to do for me, particularly in this month of May. I am sure you are aware that we all have our plans every first beginning of a new month? If not, maybe its only me lol! Back to my message, we all have needs and desires right? But has it ever occurred to you that we tend to think about yourself more than others? Not in a spiteful way, its just how the mind is right(?) Well…its so easy to think about how much you want God to bless you with the things that you want, but tend to not consider other people; For example, those who are lacking good food and clean water, those who are suffering from kidnapping and abduction (in reference to the girls that had been kidnapped this week in Nigeria). We need to consider these types of people, not only that, but pray for other nations, and particularly for souls to be won. 


Unity makes a big difference in our lives. Lets think about others

Why is it at times that we take the little things for granted? The things that we take for granted could even be life itself. Remember that life is a gift, so appreciate every day as it is given! Because of Gods Grace in our lives, we know that He will surely wake us up every morning because we have Faith that He will right? But there are some people who find it very difficult to wake up, or get out of bed. Others do not have the physical strength to move a leg; we complain about one pimple on our forehead, not knowing that someone else is suffering from severe acne, we complain about our jobs because the income is not consistent, yet people could be desperate to work at McDonalds or even Primark just for a living…let us try to think about other people and their feelings. Lets try to not judge others by their mental state or physical ability, but see the best in them, after all, God sees the best in us too 🙂

Your words can make or break someone! You need to ensure that you are speaking life into someone! “Life and death are in the tongue…speak life over yourself and those you love!” Proverbs 18 v 21. Let this be your own motto for May! 

Remember that words can cut sharp! What comes out from your mouth is originated through the mind! The mind and the mouth are two different things, however the benefit about the mind is that people cannot know what you are about to say, unless you say it! So you have the decision to open your mouth to talk, or keep it quiet. Your mind will indicate whether you should say something or not! Please my dear ladies, think about others more than yourselves. Do not get me wrong, there is a time and season to pamper yourselves and have some ‘alone time’ but in this life, we need people. You cannot get to your destiny alone! God will bring people in your life to direct you to your purpose! 

 When God gives your neighbor their hearts desires, be happy for them, for you do not know what they have gone through to get it. Pray for their health, their existence, their prosperity! Remember how you treat others will reflect on your own blessings! Furthermore, let us continue to thank God for their lives, because when God brings people into your life, it can be a sign that God will also bless you too, if you celebrate with them also. Do not let envy get to you because they have received something you wanted for such a long time. Alternatively, pray for certain situations you do not even think about; this could be the UK Government, your own country, the Ukraine crisis, Nigeria as a whole, someone else’s health, the homeless, lost souls, those who are not loved enough/properly, the stranger you met on the street, that disabled person who people laugh at…

Prayer point: “Dear God, help me to be kind, unselfish, and a giver who does not expect anything in return. Amen”.

Try and make this a consistent prayer. Let us start sowing into people’s lives rather than always reaping! Its good to get presents, rewards, blessings etc, but what if it was the other way around? What if YOU sowed a seed into someone else’s life? Maybe someone you hardly speak to, or someone who wears the same clothes everyday? You could be the Jesus in their life! Jesus was an individual that was HUMBLE! He washed His disciples’ feet, even though He knew they would betray Him afterwards. Could you really be kind and genuine to someone that has hurt you, especially in the past!? It does not cost anything to be considerate and thoughtful to others! Just these words “I am here for you!”, “I am thinking about you!”, “I am praying for you!”, “You are not alone!”, “We can get through this together!”, can make a big difference in someone else’s life! Try it!! 😀

Quote from Marvin J. Ashton: “If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat other people much more gently, with more patience, love, tolerance and care”.

Encourage your friends and loved ones to think about others more than themselves. It is easier said that done, but once you make it a daily commitment, you would not need to be reminded to do it. It will become one of your top priorities in your list! ❤ 

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