Sometimes You Don’t Realize What You Have Until It Is Gone!

Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience to make us appreciate the little things in life, that we would normally take for granted. Sometimes we complain so much that we don’t realize God hears everything. We find ourselves saying things like “I hate this old car”, “I hate my job”, or “I hate so and so”! That is until the car breaks down and we have no car, the job we hated so much has just given us our walking papers, or the the person you hated so much is gone, and now you’re realizing you didn’t hate them as much as you thought you did…

Philippians 2:14 says: “Do all things without complaining and disputing”

I recall a time, I went to visit my cousin one Sunday after church. My cousin had been handicapped following an act of gun violence, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. His wife and I often shared the same crazy obsession for yo-yo diets. As we compared weight loss tips, my cousin suggested, the obvious solution; Walking or Jogging. Without thinking, his wife blurted out, “I hate walking!”

The look on my cousin’s face said “I wish I could walk.” I don’t think his wife said it to be insensitive. I think sometimes we are so ungrateful, that we don’t stop to think about how blessed we are. The things we hate now, could be the very things we miss when they’re gone!

Be Careful What You Pray For!

Sometimes we pray for things we are not fully prepared for. Some of us ask God to show us a sign whether something or someone is good or bad for us. The funny part is, God may have given us plenty of signs , before we even prayed that prayer.

One of my relationships, I REALLY wanted to work! So when we began to have our share of problems, I began to pray. I asked God to show me whether or not this person was the one for me. If not, I prayed that He would remove him from my life. Well, it didn’t take long for God to show me at all. A day after praying that prayer, my ex told me that he felt we should call it quits. Not quite the answer I was expecting from God. But His will is always best. Too bad I didn’t believe that at that time. About two weeks later, my ex called me and said he realized he had made a mistake letting me go. In spite of everything I had discussed with God, This was still music to my ears. We talked about how we were going to make our relationship better this time. It truly sounded like we were going to be alright. I even began to wonder if God was possibly wrong about this one.

Nevertheless, our relationship got to a point where we were breaking up every other month. This went on for about two years. Every night I would pray that our relationship would take a turn for the better. Until finally I prayed a different prayer. This time I asked God to forgive me for going against His better judgement, for being so disobedient,  and for not trusting Him with my heart. You see, all of my headaches, heartaches, and tears could have been avoided IF I was fully prepared for what I was praying for.

Do not give up!!!

12 March 2014

Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself of all the other times God has pulled you through!!

Good morning ladies! At times we tend to feel the pressure of so many things. For example, finding jobs, considering taking on further education, wanting to get married, being so agitated of life, yes they are all barriers, we all have them. Some worse than others though…

My favourite saying is “IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE” and really, it could have!! I am a living testimony to a lot of women who are going through a lot of troubles, BUT it is only by the Grace of God that keeps me standing on my own two feet, to share personal testimonies and give support to you all! 

I believe that God will enable this blog to grow and excel into higher heights! I also believe that as we are the ‘future generation’ we can all work together to make this world a better place to live in…sharing Christ my initial focus, to let women know that they are not alone, and that what ever you have gone through, Jesus Himself understands as He has been through them! 

But be encouraged, and pick yourself up!! God has a plan for each and every one of you!!!!

I was so on the verge of giving up when it came to applying for jobs, but something keeps telling me to be consistent in my prayer life, not just that, but also in my Faith life and my thinking!! The MIND is so vital! What starts from your mind ends out of your MOUTH! So speak LIFE OVER BLESSINGS!! 

I love you all!

xXx ❤