Be Consistent in Prayer!

Hey ladies, how are we all doing today? I just thought I would share this brief message that has been on my mind for a while. Satan is a manipulator! He is a destroyer! One thing that I love about God is that He always teaches me to study the Word! I urge you ALL to study the Word as much as you can!!! The Word is the WEAPON you have against the enemy!! Satan is using SO MANY STRATEGIES to get us Children of God and trying to destroy us by making us suffering depression, anxiety, stress, jealously, envy, hatred, bitterness! This is NOT from God at all! God has a plan for each and every one of you, but YOU need to take responsibility and PRAY FOR YOURSELF! 

You cannot always expect people to pray for you; yes it is nice at times, but most times, God only wants to hear YOUR VOICE! I hope I am speaking to somebody today?! Please let prayer be CONSISTENT IN YOUR LIFE! Do not let God rest until He answers all your prayers!! Remember that God wants you to be specific in your prayer life, so anything you desire to see happen in 2014, proclaim it and declare it over your life!! Do not boast and be proud, but let your success speak for itself!

When something is trying to discourage you, just say NO! Look into the mirror and shake yourself up!!!!! When jealously is hitting in, look into the mirror and SHAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Reference to being consistent in prayer is in Luke 18 (the whole chapter) in regards to the Parable of the Widow!

Remember ladies, do NOT get tired of asking your Father who is in Heaven for things. God’s desire for us is to have everlasting life, and remember whatever you do, make sure you do it to please God for His Glory!


God bless! x

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