Feed your Spirit!

You are weak because you are not eating enough. You are constantly under attack because you do not have any more strength to fight back. You are living on 0% battery. Nothing left in you. What am I talking about ? Am I going crazy? No I’m not. You Are A SPIRIT living in a body, but because you are so ‘fleshly minded’ you forget that man shall not live by bread alone. So since you are a Spirit that means when your body dies, you will continue living forever! Just as your flesh gets hungry and you feed it Pizza and McDonalds, so does your Spirit get hungry. But because you are so fleshly minded, you feed the flesh and starve the Spirit. 

Now what is the food of the Spirit? It is the beautiful Word of God. What is the Word of God? It is found in your BIBLE! The Word of God is the Bread of Life. So you must eat up to strengthen your Spirit man so you have all that it will take to make it in this Christian Journey. Have you had your three meals today, or are you running off of that Scripture you read last month?

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