12 Tips on The Wisdom of Women!

12 Tips for being Wise:


1) Beauty attracts men, but wisdom keeps them

2) Elegance catches men’s attention, but intelligence convinces them

3) Nagging irritates men, but constructive silence weakens them

4) The boy in every man pumps out occasionally or regularly; your ability to handle this is a woman’s truest maturity

5) In the long-run, your ‘words’ matter more to a man than your ‘looks’, so invest in the RIGHT WORDS!

6) Insult a man and lose his respect for you, and be treated like a commoner, not a lady

7) Earn a man’s respect, and he will consider you the yard stick for all his action

8) Learn to mould the moods of your man. Men will naturally give you their features

9) If they can recall your maturity in yesterdays issues, apologise sincerely from the bottom of your heart, and you will remain the queen in his heart

10) Always put him first after God Almighty; he will likewise

11) Remember! Women are everywhere, but queens are scarce

12) Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem